Saturday, January 22, 2022

Busy Saturday



We started packing boxes (again) early this morning...... haven't finished but Sir Steve said 'break time' so I have 5 minutes to post ............. 


There is something Sir Steve said about the new home that has me shaking with anticipation............ He mentioned kind of in passing last week  that he couldn't wait to get us installed in our new bedroom.  


Our new bedroom is a loft - and is pretty much the entire area of the downstairs ....... it's HUGE!!!  


He said 'FINALLY I'll have space to use my big flogger and really truly whip your ass'.  I kinda filled up with tears ... and whispered "do you promise?" cause it's been so long since my ass was all red and bruised and hurting.

This morning while we were packing boxes (and MORE boxes) he suggested the over the door hook rack thingy we have could go inside his cupboard in the bedroom (we both have our own cupboards - mine's a walk in!!  YAY!!) and that he could hang our favourite toys from the hooks - very accessible.  AND should someone wander upstairs they wouldn't see the toys.

It's amazing how fast packing goes when you have a daydream playing out in your head !!


  1. If the photos are anything to go by, you could play badminton in that room. :)


    1. yeah pretty much Prefectdt... AND there's a walk in cupboard for me and another big double cupboard for Sir and toys :) :)


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