Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Too Good to be True


Did you ever see something and think it's too good to be true??? I tend to be very pessimistic about "offers"......  


BUT why shouldn't something good come my way??? Why am I always so pessimistic about good things?? Don't I deserve something good ???  

I have been thinking that it would be wonderful if I could find a "work from home" job.... just part time.... something to fill my days .... engage my brain.... and yeah offer me a chance to make some extra cash.

Soooooo - when a job posting came across my Facebook feed for our city I decided to learn more.  It was a work from home job..... data entry / personal assistant type of job.  So I sent off a message - asking for more information... a job description... salary... hours... all the questions one asks when applying for a job.

I heard back almost immediately and was asked to send my CV.  I did.  They said they wanted to interview me - when was I available?  I asked for the name of their company - job description etc etc ... again.

They sent me a quick answer - data entry - emails etc.  They sent me a link to 'the company website'.  They sent me the salary - $500 a week - working 3 - 4 hours a day!!!  (trust me I was spending it before I had even been offered the job) The gaps in the information didn't bother me too much - they were a small home business .... AND they did say they needed someone to take care of the mundane details.

So I interviewed with them.  They said they'd get back to me in 48 hours.

The next day they offered me the job.


I'd had a couple of days to think about this job.  The website looked phoney... it was a hub for antique stores across the country...... no mention of ANY antique shop in our town.  BUT mostly the salary was too high...... who pays $500 a week for 20 hours of work? 

I started to ask really tough questions - even stated the job sounded too good to be true and I was worried it was a scam of some sort.   They sounded slightly indignant saying they hadn't asked me for money - or any investment of any sort.  I wracked my brain trying to decide what the catch was.......... the only thing that really set off red flags was the salary amount - too much - wayyyyyy too much.  Hell it was almost more an hour than what I was earning when I was teaching !!

The guy I was dealing with got a bit impatient - but he didn't let me go...... and that bugged me too ya know? I wasn't being all that diplomatic and accusing him of running a scam of sorts... and yet he didn't kick me to the curb.  What did end the talking was when I said IF it was an honest to goodness job - then pay me in advance for 1 day's work.... etransfer $100 to my bank and I would start immediately.  THAT set him off.  No pay for no work - and NO etransfer.  WHAT?? No etransfer?? everyone does etransfer these days!!  He wished me good luck and I wished him good luck - and "walked away"

 now if all that wasn't enough to raise questions........ two days later another ad came across my Facebook feed........... not the same name ... but almost exactly the same job offer.  I tested them - asked the tough questions - got the exact same answers.  I notified Facebook and believe it or not - our RCMP fraud division.  Facebook said it wasn't a scam....... the RCMP hasn't replied.  - shrug.

So I'm going back to my usual pessimistic view of life........ if it's too good to be true it usually is!


  1. Morningstar,

    Good job asking and trusting your gut!

    I have several "at home" jobs as well as my FT out of house job. They can be fun, but generally pay poorly.

    I hope you find something.

    1. Well Boo I have decided to stop looking until after we move - I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now with everything that has to get done... GAH!! 6 weeks till moving day

  2. Hi Morningstar, it will be interesting to see what the RCMP say. Good idea to wait until you have moved to continue looking.


    1. IF they (RCMP) even care.... not too optimistic these days...

  3. It sounds like the old saying is true. If you are offered a free lunch, you are the lunch. There are so many scams, out there, it is better to be safe than sorry.


    1. yeah - I was worried about being 'taken for a ride' ... never mind losing my shirt...

  4. I still have a hard time thinking it was legit. With so many at home and willing to work, why would they be willing to pay so much and then the no etransfer? Just strange. You probably will need all your time to get moved.

    1. yeah there were too many red flags... and yeah I got my hands full with the move in 6 weeks...... GAH!! 6 weeks!

  5. I would be just as skeptical. Put your energies into your move and it will be all good. I also do not think you are necessarily pessimistic. I think you are being cautious and that is how we have to be these days.


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