Friday, January 07, 2022

Couriouser and Curiouser

 this is gonna be a TMI for some - so skip if  you don't want to know intimate details of my life


I (for some stupid reason) am trying to figure men out........ (and they say women are impossible to understand!).  I have observed that men (for the most part) brag about the size of their penises - IF they have something to brag about.  And the others tend to put down the size of their penises - making jokes about them.

One of the first times I was out with Sir Steve and his then wife - she regaled me with a story about how she told some gay men that Sir Steve's penis was the size of a water bottle.  He told me then and has repeated it from time to time  how he wasn't impressed with her doing that.  So I assumed he was private and didn't like the attention.  And I have respected that.

Except when I haven't (cheeky grin)

I have alluded to his size here on The Continued Journey.........  and occasionally teased him in public - usually inside joke sort of thing where I'll play with my water bottle while watching him.

Privately is another thing - because truthfully it is a thing of wonder.   I consider myself very lucky and make sure he knows it!  

Ok so going back to his lack of desire to brag......... I bought him a key chain for his Christmas stocking..... 


He had a good laugh about it...... and announced he would be putting it on his car key ring. I was a bit surprised - but hey who reads people's key chains??? 

Except - yesterday - Sir Steve told me he showed a female friend from the office!!!  (WHAT??) and apparently she took a picture of it and sent it to her boyfriend!!  What the hell is that about??!!!

So now I am readjusting my thoughts on how private Sir Steve is about his cock........ he's just like any other male....... le sigh.  Next he'll be telling me there's no santa claus!!! 


oh and for those of you who told me to wait till after Christmas for my adult play time..... you were right !!  In the week after Christmas and before he want back to work we had 2 play dates!  YUM!!  though it does take me a couple of days to recover.... good thing I am a masochist and get off on 'pussy torture'.  


  1. Hm, maybe it's not about being private at all. Maybe it's just NOT having his size be talked about by people other than himself? Like, perhaps he would like to control the messaging instead of being "showed" like a prize donkey. I dunno... just cracking my head for possible explanations LOL

    1. You may have a point Fondles -I never thought of it like that!!

  2. that certainly makes him a special man in the sense that he is one of the FEW males that is NOT obsessed with size LOL - but as it has been so long since I've even SEEN a penis- this was fun to read about LOL

    1. ohhhhhhhh selkie - you make me laugh!! I'm glad you enjoyed reading this... LOL

  3. What capacity was this comparative water bottle? :)


    P.S. This comment is not to be taken seriously

    1. LOL - glad you added the ps .... LOL

  4. LoL Morningstar, I think Fondles had a good point. Love the keychain! So funny Sir Steve showed it to a female colleague and that she took a photo for het boyfriend lol.

    Hooray on the post Christmas play time :)


    1. mmmmmmmm - do you think she was trying to make her boyfriend jealous?? LOL

  5. I don't know what Roz was implying, but either she was trying to make him jealous, or she was thinking of getting one for her boyfriend!

    Glad you were able to get two play dates in...


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