Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday Sentiments

Today's post is most definitely Adult Only X-rated...... you have been warned.
you can click on the thumb nails to view them enlarged - for the details











  1. Wow Morningstar, I'm not sure what I was expecting lol, but these are some pics! Wow, amazing!


  2. Same here. I wasn't expecting these. There's a theme I see. Thank you for sharing. It's a first seeing BDSM pics of this flavour for me.

  3. Love these images. Are they contemporary or historical?


  4. Prefectdt - if memory serves me right - they are historical. A few years ago I found this site that was restoring (colourizing) historical pictures by some famous artist.

  5. Thanks so much for the warning. LOL I know not to click on them because back when I was brand new to blog land, I landed on your blog and got the poop scared out of me and thought what did I just sign up for? LOL I have grown to understand and accept people have many different practices than Storm and me and as long as y'all are okay, good for you. We'll stick with spanking. Hugs, Windy

  6. OHHHHHHH Windy!! you made me laugh and then Sir Steve said 'what'? so I read your answer to him and he laughed... I wondered after I posted the pics if some of the regulars around here had trouble wrapping their head around the 'home schooling step mom' and the submissive with kinky fantasies


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