Wednesday, January 20, 2021

An Amusing Story

 Before I tell you my amusing story -- I want to thank everyone for your comments filled with advise... kind words.. even funny anecdotes.  It brightened my day and made my hobbling a little less painful.  I am pleased to report that the swelling is way down and the knee is bending much easier today and is supporting my weight......... BUT... ugh  - just to keep my life interesting my sciatica decided to act up at 2AM ...... driving me from our bed to pace and curse!  Because my knee was so bad - I kinda ignored the headache and sore back from my fall.  Today I am seeing the bigger picture of my fall...... BUT I am feeling positive - the headache is gone!... my knee is better (it was my good one!!) and I have suffered through sciatica before and know I won't die from it (grinning)

Now ..... on to the amusing story I had intended on posting yesterday - 


Over 10 years ago - when Sir Steve and I were 'playing' together - we were invited to a private house party.  It was one of our favourite parties to attend because it was semi private -- at a house in the country -- it involved barbeque dinners and hours of socializing and playing.  Because it was a house party - we could incorporate extreme play ........ which in our case meant the knives could come out.


I decided before this party to treat myself to a new thong.  When we played I would often strip down to my corset and thong only.  I found a gorgeous black lace thong and ignored the price tag 'cause come on!  a sexy thong that fit comfortably was just what the doctor ordered (grinning)

Ok - so - we had already played with whips and floggers and I was flying nicely on the endorphin high when Sir Steve called me to come to the play room.  On the table he had laid out his knives........ I was aroused immediately.  A few friends gathered to watch the knife session.

There was one knife laid out with the others that made me grin.............. it was Sir Steve's pride and joy - his grandfather's Scout knife!


It was (is) the smallest knife in his collection - and definitely not very threatening to look at.  Sir Steve pushed me down over the table -- and started the knife play.  I loved how if I wiggled or tried to lift my head - his hand would push me down roughly and hold me still.  He would growl at me to 'keep still'.  

The session went pretty much like the one this past weekend ......... and (according to some of the folks who watched) it was HOT!  I was still bent over the table trying to catch my breath .. Sir Steve was showing folks his knives.. and he was proudly showing them his grandfather's Scout knife.  

At that point my foggy brain kicked in... and the 'brat' came out to play .. and the brat announced loudly - 'THAT knife is so dull it wouldn't cut butter'.

There was a pause ...... a silence........ and then Sir Steve pushed my head down hard on the table and growled 'wouldn't cut butter eh??? Let's see' and I felt the knife slide under one side of the thong and felt it slice through the lacy material.  I started laughing (god only knows why!!)  And said 'You DIDN'T just cut my thong?!'  Sir Steve pulled on the cut thong and then for whatever reason sliced through the other side and pulled the thong off my butt!!!  

I dropped like a stone off the table onto the floor laughing like a lunatic....... I couldn't believe he had cut my underwear off!!!  I was NAKED!!  (well except for my corset) Everyone burst out laughing. I pulled my skirt on hoping against it hope it would cover my naked ass - it didn't.  BUT nobody really cared - it was just one of the stories that would circulate around the community of how a bratty toy could be put in her place.

Life is good when years later a small innocuous knife can bring back fond memories of play time!



  1. Giggling over here! Nice job talking to a Dom that way in front of others! Grin!

    Hugs Boo

  2. It's funny our reactions to things. I have laughed ( in inappropriate situations- meant to be D/s reaffirming) and l couldn't for the life of me tell you why. I've also said stupid things that just came out.

    When we first started, like the first few months, B decided that he would spank me every night when he came home from work. I was often asleep by then. He would haul me over his lap and drop my bottoms. We had had several discussions about what worked and what didn't as far as getting me in the right headspace. Mostly those discussions had to deal with him talking at me while he spanked- again we were newbies). Anyway, I guess I piece of paper made its way through the wash and I didn't notice it when I got dressed. When he pulled down my bottoms it was stuck to my ass. He said, "what's this?" For whatever reason I said " A note. It says to use your words". In the dark he said, " Seriously? 🙄. *No not seriously!!!!!". He chuckled and I...well I didn't chuckle for long. Lol


  3. nodding @Boo - you got it... I was cheeky which 99% of the time made (and still does) Sir Steve laugh BUT it was the saving face in front of others... though.. having said that -- grinning -- there have been times even in private where he will make sure I know my place in interesting ways :)

  4. willie
    When I finally got over my shock of losing my brand new thongs I pointed out to Sir Steve and his then wife that I had no other underwear to put on.... his wife's answer was perfect 'next time we go out to play I'm sure you make sure you have extras" LOL no sympathy at all

    Sometimes - the funny things (like your 'note') make this so real - and human .. ya know what I mean?

  5. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Part of me sees the humor ad irony....kind of well that was the price tag for an exceptional evening. But the frugal part of me thinks that a similar act, if it happened to me, might well have ruined the evening. Good for you that you got past it. It makes it easier for to smile about it along with you.

  6. Ugh on thr sciatica and head ache. Glad to hear the knee is improving though.

    This made me giggle. Brave of you, especially in front of others lol


  7. kd - OH I had a moment or two cursing the waste of money - BUT I did 'poke the Sadist' and I should have known better :) Trust me - after that I didn't worry about fancy thongs...

  8. I'm a little bit with KD on the thong LOL. Sometimes when something is a favourite of mine, or cost quite a pretty sum, i'll be sure to inform BIKSS if he's getting rough - of course his solution whenever I say "be careful with that (insert item) it cost me XXX dollars!" is to reply with a "Let's take it right off then".

    But I did giggle at the tale of the giggly brat :)

    I'm happy you shared this memory with us.

    (hope your sciatica eases up soon!)


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