Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Sooooo this happened........



Sunday evening Sir Steve and I were 'admiring' the marks on my body - we joked that it was a good thing I didn't have a doctor's appointment this week - cause I'd have some explaining to do.

AND trust me when I say it takes a long time for the marks to heal...... here's a pic from this morning of my thighs (and those marks travel all the way down to my ankles and up to my neck) ... not much difference from Sunday afternoon............


We even joked that I would have to stay really covered so even the lil one didn't see the marks - cause - ya know - questions...............  

Ok......... so........... 

the lil one has been anxiously waiting for some snow so she could use her brick making kit Santa brought her to make a snow fort.  We got snow on the weekend!!  and she was excitedly waiting to finish school yesterday so she and I could go outside and build this snow fort (even though the snow was dry and we couldn't use the brick form)

At 2pm - school was finished - lunch was finished - so we got ready to head outside.  I put on layers (cause I don't have a snow suit) and got the dog hooked up to the front deck and the lil one outside.  We were all set.

I grabbed a shovel and headed down the stairs to the non existent sidewalk  (thanks to our lazy useless contractor) to help build the snow
fort ....................


my feet went out from underneath me and I went down hard - banging my head on the ground - and bending my right leg in an awkward position behind me. (is it supposed to bend that way?) The pain was horrific....... I could hardly breathe..... the lil one screeched and came running over to me... she wanted to help me up and all I could think was 'I can't move!' 

AND then I thought - 'OMG!  I CAN NOT go to emerg! ' 

I laid there trying not to cry - trying to access the damage without moving... finally I managed to get my leg twisted around to the front again... rolled over on my stomach and managed to get myself upright again.  

Today I am not allowed to move from the sofa except to go to the bathroom (stern orders from Sir Steve).  The knee is about twice it's normal size -- doesn't bend very well.  I am wearing a knee brace.... taking advil ... and feeling very thankful that I can move - even painfully.

I may be a masochist BUT this was NOT consensual!!  sooooooooo I'm calling

 R E D !!  (cheeky grin)



  1. Anonymous8:47 am

    Oh my, isn't that always the case? Poor you!

    Elevate, ice. And tylenol or advil. I can only imagine how Sir Steve must feel!

    Feel better!

  2. Now that really sucks. Not only that you got hurt, but being hesitant about going in for treatment. If you could just say, don't worry about the marks - I'm fine with it. But no, everyone would want to stick their nose in your consensual business. I hope rest, elevation, ice and pain meds do the trick.

  3. First, I hope you are feeling better and you added ice to the Advil!

    Second, OMG that is so me...except I would have broken my ankle (it is always my ankle!). sigh. It isn't funny, except I can totally see the ballet that would have happened in that fall! Grin. It is horrible that I am giggling because I know it hurts, but it is making me giggle a little.


  4. ohhhhhhhhhh Boo you just made me laugh!! 'see the ballet' ... LOL I was thinking today I must have put on quite a show for the neighbours.. LOL

    thankfully the advil seems to be helping - much more than yesterday's tylenol!!

  5. Oh, no! I'mm so sorry that happened. I imagine you are icing the knee as well every couple of hours. You may have torn your ACL. I did that years ago and it was very painful in a very specific way....... so most likely you blew a ligament and that takes time for the swelling to go down, so your Sir is right to give you orders to stay on the couch. Elevate it at the knee bend from underneath if you can. (Don't keep it completely straight when elevating.)

    It sucks you can't go to the ER, but most likely they could only do what you're doing at home. If you have to go, you could always tell them you got in a tangle with Brer Rabbit and his briar patch? :)

  6. LOL Briar patch Windy?? didn't think anyone remembered Brer Rabbit and the briar patch LOL.

    Actually it's more than just the marks that kept me from going to emerg.. our covid numbers are really high here in our little town - and lots hospitalized .. so safer to just stay home.

    The swelling is down considerably -- and though the knee still doesn't bend very much -- it is definitely better now than it was even first thing this morning....... grumble I hate to admit it but I think Sir Steve was right - ass on sofa knee in the air.... :)

  7. I truly hope that you recover in a short time. Winter is hazardous.


  8. Interesting marks are they from the blade?

    I was badly bruised one time, okay not just one time but the time of the story. I somehow injured my back, sadly no colourful story to tell. I woke up that way. I wouldn't go to urgent care either. By day 5 I was crab crawling around the house so had no choice. Thankfully the doctor did my assessment fully clothed. I had some lame @$$ story that I fell down the stairs ( not lame because I generally do fall on the stairs but usually UP them- but lame because I'm sure it's probably a typical abuse cover up story). I was then mad at myself for not going earlier. Lol.

    Hope you feel right as rain soon.


  9. willie - first things first - yes the marks are from the knives -- those marks are really pretty tame which is why I posted them :)

    Now you have me curious - what did the doc do for your back??? I would think crab crawling would just about kill me!!!

    AND the excuse of falling down the stairs -- way back many years ago - I had a particularly interesting play session that left me literally black and blue over my ass and down the tops of the thighs.. it was summer and youngest daughter was over -- I bent over in a sundress and she saw the bruises - she panicked I used the 'fell down the stairs' line - fortunately she believed me....

  10. Hi Morningstar, oh no! Ouch, that truly sucks, especially not being able to have it checked out. I really hope it is improving with all the measures you are taking. Talk about timing! Murphy's law.

    There is wanted pain and definitely unwanted pain.



  11. Physio therapy, Tylenol 3, Naproxen, and Lyrica. It was a long, slow process. I ended up with nerve damage, and eventually my gait was affected, my knee got messed up. Sounds like I did fall down the stairs. Lol.

    One time my shorts road up and a very distinct linear bruise appeared. A friend comment on how it looked like a bruise he once got when his mother spanked him with a Hot Wheels Track. Without skipping a beat, another friend changed the subject. He didn't know we were DD but he knew I submitted to B. He is a very dominant man and I suspect he spanks at least in fun. Actually he once told me that " if I spanked you you'd know it" and the next time I walked past me he cracked me. I swear I took flight Lol!

    Anyway, he's the kind of guy who sees all and says little. That day he saved me a bit of explaining. Lol

  12. willie - still trying to wrap my head around spanked with a Hot Wheels truck........ really??!!! my mother used to reach for the wooden spoon .. LOL

  13. According to the 50+year old men in my neighbourhood it wasn't uncommon. Meh, my Mom once chased me up the basement steps with a piece of kindling wood. Flash ahead a few decades and B has spanked me in the basement with a piece of MDF baseboard.

  14. aw man. that's awful, I mean, the thought that you might have to explain the marks if you DID really need to go to the ER. I hope you're recovering and that a trip to emergency wont be necessary.

    I see everyone's already given medical advice. So I shan't add to it. Get well!

  15. Anonymous7:07 am

    A Hot Wheels track is certainly capable . They were about two foot segments made of orange plastic and flat but whippy. That said, despite having plenty around, my mother never used one on me.


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