Thursday, January 30, 2020

Weird - ain't it?

I am having a good day!!  I am going out shopping -- that's how good a day it is!!  and the weird thing is........ it's because my hair looks pretty damn good today!!  

Weird isn't it?? my hair is near on perfect today and my whole day looks bright and beautiful!


Just a little side note here .... to clarify some comments/suggestions/assumptions from yesterday's post.

I am a retired teacher - taught for nearly 25 years.

I believe the school and home should work together 

I also believe in this day and age -- sometimes teachers need the family's permission to discipline -- helicopter parents being what they are

I also stand by our decision to withdraw dance classes if school work/behaviours slip... that was the condition we put on dancing this summer when she tried out for competitive dance.. AND she agreed to it ... if we waffle on it now I do believe she won't trust our word going forward........ right or wrong that was the consequence we set last summer 

We have a face to face with the teacher today -- there are some impressions I want clarified and if necessary corrected.

Life is good when it's a 'good hair day' 



  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Hooray for a good day and a good hair day! Today was unfortunately a bad hair day for me. Up too late this morning and no time to dry and style.


  2. Morningstar,

    How lovely that you had a good day! That is wonderful.

    I hope the meeting with the teacher worked out.



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