Monday, January 06, 2020

Waste of Time.......

This morning - early - I had to go for a mammogram.  I HATE doctors and doctor visits and diagnostic tests.  I got there 15 minutes before my appointment and the 'register here' department was short staffed so I got to sit for nearly 30 minutes before I could go in and get the damn test done!  Now I wait 6 weeks they say - for the results... I am hoping (hope against hope) that the whole test was a 'waste of time'.

Then because we have had internet connection problems for awhile now I placed a call to our provider......... my motto when you call with problems is 'hurry up and wait'.  I know they are working to find the problem and working to solve the problem but geeeeez once they played around for an hour they announced they would have to send a tech over.... on Thursday.  (see me grind my teeth?!)  BUT on the bright side they put me through to the billing department who knocked over $40 off our monthly bill for 2 years!!!

AND things got even better -- the tech called and said he was on the way over TODAY..... YAY!  he brought a new modem and said the problem was solved........ except I know a thing or two about computers.  So I told him to sit back down until I did a speed test.  TA DA!!  the speed is still intermittent and not as fast as it should be.  So now I have another tech coming out in the next couple of days to test the lines or something -- and will hopefully be able to solve our connection problems.

In the meantime nothing much got done around here today..... and I have a headache (le sigh).......... but it honestly wasn't a total waste of time.... the problems are going to be solved AND I will have a few more pennies in my pocket at the end of each month.


  1. Computers are dicks. I just wrote a cute little response here and it went off into no man's land. Let me try again:

    That is a long time to wait in paragraph one. Geeze! I loathe those things exactly as much as you do, it seems!

    Glad you got the 40 off your bill. Sorry you now have a headache, Maybe it was from grinding your teeth in paragraph 2? I have a migraine today as well. Blah!

    Good thing you tested that modem while the guy was still there. I hope it gets resolved soon and that you can play on the internet at a very fast speed soon! Hugs, Windy

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    Doctors, waiting for doctors and waiting for results sucks. I'm pretty sure I usually get mammogram results earlier than that! Not a waste of time, peace of mind is not a waste of time:)

    Argh at the tech issues too. It's great that they lowered your bill though, and that the tech arrived much sooner than anticipated, even though the problem still isn't fully resolved. Sigh.


  3. Hey Morningstar,

    I hate computers. I know nothing about them, however, do notice when there is a problem. Had such an issue for the past few months. It is not the provider, it is simply my computer. The Sheriff surprised me with a new (pretty and fast) computer. I was speechless. however, that waste of time you mentioned? Me over Christmas trying to download my "office" onto the new computer. le sigh.

    I am glad you were on top of everything and hope the first issue was "a waste of time" for you.


  4. I had similar issues a few months after we moved in here. They did the same thing (EXCEPT reducing my bill!) - new modem etc. I had to call again - it turned out squirrels had nibbled wires and they had to replace an entire section - so hang in and be a pain in their butt!

  5. OK i should be thankful i work at a clinic. I had my bloodwork done today, and with any luck i should be able to see the results by tomorrow.

    But the best part of your post - saving money every month for 2 years. That sounds pretty awesome.

    and yeah, good for you that you tested the modem out right there and then! I kinda dread getting techs and other service people in cos mostly i just spend the day sitting around waiting for them to show up late!

  6. how in the world do you do a speed test? Is it just log in and see how fast it takes to load a page or is there an actual test

  7. Funny how they always have room to lower your bill when you start complaining.


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