Saturday, January 04, 2020

Elf Puke

Four years ago (and I know this because it came up in 'memories' on FB) youngest daughter sent me a message saying 'today is the day to clean up the elf puke' ... It made me laugh out loud........ cause when the holidays are over and the decorations are coming down....... and you have piles of stuff all over... it does look like Elf puke.

Today is our day to clean up the elf puke from this holiday season......... 


  1. LoL, elf puke, I love it lol. I cleaned mine up the other day. At least it comes down easier than putting it up lol.

    Happy cleaning:)


  2. urgh i need to deal with mine today. maybe tonight... after dinner... it's not as much fun as putting it up tho!


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