Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Final Showing..

I told you all about the redecorating that got done the week after Christmas ... well everything is finally in and up so I thought I would give you some snapshots of our redecorated home...... 

The duvet cover came ....... and we both love it!!  such a perfect fit...........

The shelves arrived and up and displaying my oriental items............

The lil one's room is probably the biggest change..... it had been a rather ugly pink and green ... we let her pick the new colour (with some guidance) and she picked a nice grey/purple........ I bought her a canopy to complete the princess bedroom....... 

and she absolutely loves it!!  Every day she curls up in her 'castle' and reads and reads and reads........ 


to be honest though this is not what I wanted to write ... I have been struggling with a post I keep thinking I have to make -- write it then delete it...... 

I tell myself it's all in the past -- leave it there... 

It's not always easy for me to let go of things....... especially when the disillusionment is so thick it spills over to me........

I am trying to apply the strategies I learned in the Bounce Back program -- some days they work - other days I grind my teeth and want to shout from the roof tops....... 

(whispering in a wee small voice) but I won't write the post ..... cause he still scares me -- after all this time he still scares me.


  1. How lovely your home looks now! WTG!

    As for the post, I understand being scared of someone. The thing is, he has no power over you if he is no longer in your life. My vote is, write the post and take back your power (I am of course, assuming he is no longer in your life or anywhere near you and you are safe). If you write it out, then it may not haunt you in the same way.

    Either way, you know the online world will support your decision.


  2. The house looks great! I love the floating shelves. Were they hard to put up? I want some in my writing room.

    For those post you want to write, but don't want to write - write it! It doesn't mean you ever need to post it. For me, writing it has it 'captured' it no longer rolls through my head stealing my thoughts and time. It's captured and I only revisit it when I choose to.

  3. PK - Sir Steve put them up -- it looked very involved and complicated to me - lots of measuring and levels and 2 drill bits!! thank god for handy men!!

  4. Love the new duvet cover. The last bit of the post does sound serious, I hope that you are not too cut up by these memories.


  5. Hi Morningstar,

    Wow, you two have done a wonderful job, it looks famtastic!

    As for the post. My vote would also be to write it, if it will help you to get it out. As PK said, it doesn't mean you have to publish it. It can be just for you.



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