Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Good News / Great News

Good News:

Anyone who reads here with any regularity knows we have an ongoing battle with the lil one's mother.  Ohhhh things have improved slightly -- like she finally gets the risk of diabetes we are fighting with the lil one... and she is now willing to 'talk' via FB with Sir Steve.... 


Mother is still playing games with the lil one... and it is stressful.  Because the games mother plays are games that are meant to make Daddy look bad...... put all the blame on Daddy.
BUT we're getting much better at heading off these attempts....... 
The most recent one -- a trip to Disney over March break.  She told the lil one during the summer -- big excitement!!!  Sir Steve was getting the passport for the trip (he was getting it so he could keep it -- and keep track of when she wants to take the lil one out of the country)
Before Christmas she told us the trip was postponed cause they couldn't afford it.  Last week the lil one asked if Daddy had got her passport.  WTF?!
We probed a little bit and the lil one talked as though the trip was still on?!!!  I realized if Mother could blame the cancellation of the trip on us for not getting the passport then bad dad good mom right?? 

So Sir Steve contacted Mom ... and basically called her bluff.  The lil one is now aware that this cancellation has nothing to do with us.  
Chalk up another blocked game.


I went for a mammogram 3 weeks ago.  Routine cancer screening.  Except my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was my age..... she was dead 18 months later.  I tried really hard to be positive but damn I was worried.  Every twinge in my breasts - every stretch mark - every little difference in the breast and I was hearing "CANCER" 

This weekend I was rationalizing IF they found cancer surely they would have contacted me by now!  didn't help.

Yesterday I got my results in the mail............ no cancer.

I am still doing the happy dance !!!

Life is good/great when you win some of the battles.


  1. Great news on the test results. I know from experience that it is the only time that you are happy to hear that the result is not positive. Sometimes negative is good :)


  2. Hi Morningstar,

    That is fantastic news on the test results, now you can relax :) Glad things are improving with lil one's mother too.


  3. Great news. I'm sure waiting was really tough. And hurray for blocking Mom's nasty moves. She sounds like my ass of a sis in law. I wish I could have foiled her attempts at manipulating/bullying my mum. Grrr.

  4. Hey Morningstar,

    I'm glad things are well with the screening....keep doing the happy dance, life is too short not to dance!

    As for other "mom", nice handling. Lil one is so lucky to have you in her life.



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