Friday, January 24, 2020

Pissy Mood

Friday is MY day -- my 'spa' day.  I shower and shave and wash the week's stress off .... I give myself a manicure and sometimes even add butterflies to my nails....

Friday is my 'save my sanity' day............. 

BUT not today........ my sanity is on a slippery slope downwards.

It started with the lil one telling me at the bus stop she hadn't packed 'the green bag' - clothes from Mother's house that she wore to school on Monday.  So now I had to add a trip to school to my quiet spa day.


Got home from the school run and went outside to our new and improved deck to have a smoke with my 2nd cup of coffee....... AND because the damn builder didn't put a covering on the deck we get water dripping down from above.  AND because the days are milder we get a lot of water dripping and then it all freezes at night....... so when I went out to have my 2nd cup of coffee my foot hit a patch of ice and I went flying and twisted my back.


and now I have lost the desire for my spa day....... I just want to bite someone's head off ya know........ 

Life is good when............... ummmm... when............... 

you don't bite someone's head off?




  1. I don't like any of 'my' days interrupted. I always have plans, they may be simple and others don't think it would disturb me to change them, but it does. Sorry your day went like this, I feel your pain.

  2. Life "is" good when you don't bite somebody's head off. Argh! I'm so sorry your plans were interrupted and that you hurt your back. I hope it feels better quickly. I am a planner and hate when plans are interrupted, especially having OCD tendencies.


  3. I thought this said "Pussy Mood" and I wondered what that might be all about. Turns out, apparently, I just need new glasses. LOL I hope your day has improved and you get some quality time to yourself. Hugs, Windy

  4. Windy I laughed out loud when I read your comment -- thank you :) :) I really needed that ..... even Sir Steve got a chuckle...

  5. Morningstar....

    Well know...that isn't the way to start the day that is for sure! What worries me is that I have been there done that (although, I generally twist/sprain/break my ankle). I'm sorry Friday was not a good spa day.



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