Thursday, January 02, 2020

Starting fresh........

New Year = cleaning and organizing and sorting -- for some reason I have always been hit by the cleaning bug come Jan 1st...... it may have a lot to do with finding space for the Christmas gifts.... and the decorations coming down and the fact that not a whole lot of cleaning goes on in the month of December.

Whatever the reason - we have been busy this week ....... Sir Steve is finishing up the redecorating we started in the late spring....... the bedrooms and TV room are being done.  I have been sorting through papers and filing them...... sorting out each room as we strip it down for painting --  and believe it or not -- shopping !!  We needed a new duvet cover (ok ok maybe not "needed" but "wanted" one to go with the new colour scheme for the master bedroom) 

I've ordered some new floating shelves to hold my geisha (Sir Steve bought me a new one for Christmas and wants me to have my own oriental display) 

The cleaning and tidying applies to The Continued Journey as well -- holiday theme gone and the every day theme in place again.......... 

It does feel good to have things returning to normal........ 

AND on the theme of returning to normal... do you know what Sir Steve has been doing this week??? Oh dear GOD!!
I have some bruising from the spanking the other night..... every time (well it feels like every time!) he walks past me he has been poking the bruises.... which makes me jump and grab my ass... and finally made me whine!  He is SO mean!!  never let it be said that Sir Steve isn't caring -- he stopped poking my bruises and replaced it with slapping them -- HARD -- such a sweet man dontcha think??  

The house is returning to normal -- the blog is returning to normal -- and my Sadist is back !!  which is the best normal I can think of!!!

Life is good when it's post holiday fun and normal returns.


  1. I'm so glad everything is going well. Glad your normal is coming back.

  2. Anonymous3:29 pm

    so happy for you .. i too got some much needed "maintenance" over the holiday... life is good


  3. Hey Morningstar!

    Wow! You have been busy! Glad to see things are back to normal!


  4. Good on you Morningstar, wow, you have been busy! Such a great feeling isn't it? I usually get the cleaning bug too, though not this time lol

    Glad things are returning to every sense :)


  5. I love the floating shelves; what a good idea. I must look into them.

    Glad Sir Steve is such a meanie - in the best possible way!



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