Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Great Shopping Adventure.......

So yesterday I went out shopping.......not for groceries ... or for the lil one... or for the house or Sir Steve ........ I went shopping for ME.  I wanted to get some funky bohemian type clothes -- well definitely some new leggings and a couple of new sweaters.

I had been looking forward to this shopping trip which in itself was amazing!  I got the lil one on the bus to school and came home and got dressed up......... did my hair and put make up on.  In my head I looked like this as I left the house for this great shopping adventure...........

I spent 2 hours shopping......... I was getting more and more many racks and rows of clothes I felt like I was going round in circles.  I saw a nice dark blue sweater and I just grabbed it and threw it in the cart.  I found leggings on sale for $10 and grabbed 3 pairs (one grey ... one dark blue with wee flowers on them .. and one leopard spotted) I found a nice brown sweater. I picked up some eye liner and lipstick ...... oh yeah and I bought a new sexy bra ... soft dove grey with lace.  AND I didn't try one thing on.

After 2 hours I was done -- done like dinner!!!  As I walked to my car I glanced at my reflection in a shop window............... this is what looked back at me.................

Frazzled -- hair sticking up all over the place -- my lipstick chewed up -- my scarf flapping in the breeze.

I came home exhausted!!!  but I persevered and tried on the clothes -- first the soft brown sweater -- it's ok -- looks better with a brown/grey scarf I have...... tried on the blue sweater figuring it would be perfect....... BUT there was something wrong -- WTF -- it had no sides???!!!  I must have it on wrong -- must be some trick to this.......... except there wasn't any trick -- it was a bloody poncho!! a turtle neck poncho!!  (le sigh - now I have to go back to the shops and return it)

Life is good when you have great shopping adventures and live to tell about it



  1. I have a love/hate relationship with clothes shopping. So confusing, too many shops, styles, colours etc. It leaves me exhausted too.

    I find it very difficult finding clothes that fit properly so usually always try them on first. What a shame about the poncho. Good excuse for another shopping excursion?:)


  2. I could never buy something without trying it on. I don't love shopping to begin with, but I hate returning even more. That's why I seldom by things to wear on line. If I hate it or it doesn't fit, I'm likely to keep it anyway just to avoid the return hassle. That being said I'm going to have to shop soon or I'll be going out to dinner or church wearing baggy sweats and a torn tee-shirt.

  3. Ha, you sound like me at Christmas. I just was too overwhelmed with stuff to shop at stores. As for clothes, blissfully, I never have to do that. That is what family is for!



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