Friday, January 31, 2020


Believe it or not I am riddled with inhibitions ...... sexually that is.  

I do have this vivid imagination where I am provocative .... where I pull Sir Steve into the bedroom - strip him naked - tease his body.. push him on to the bed (now that's a laugh cause I can't push him at all - bit like trying to move a mountain - but this is my imagination!) and climb on top of him and ... mmmm... shall we just say 'rock his world'.

The truth looks a whole lot more like this....... 
I wait till he tells me to go to the bedroom and strip.. I strip and climb under the covers pulling them up to my neck (cause god forbid he might see my naked skin!) and lie there pretty much as still as death ...... waiting for him to loosen the blankets and loosen me......... 

and the really weird part of all this -- I am always horny!!  always wanting to go to the bedroom and strip naked for him......... 

Most weeks during the week I take some time to play with my vibrator - sometimes once a week sometimes more....... like I said I am always horny....... and I learned a long time ago to take care of my needs myself......

There are definite draw backs to my 'play time'......... mainly that when Sir Steve does tell me to go to the bedroom I am not climbing the walls horny - ya know?  I could probably take it or leave it..... 

This week I have not had private 'play time'.  Today I want it....... need it... am craving it.... I wonder if because I haven't played this week maybe I will be more 'adventuresome' ... more aggressive....... it's kind of an experiment..........  

stay tuned for the results........... 


  1. GO for took me a long time to do the asking...but M always loves it when I do...and never disappoints.....(I think it is good for their egos!) hugs abby

  2. I'll take any extra horny you got!

  3. I agree Morningstar, go for it! He will love it!

    It took me a loong time to be comfortable being naked in front of Rick and still have my moments.


  4. Well that was a post that ended with a cliff hanger :)


  5. Wow Morningstar,

    That is me! Always waiting for the Sheriff to make the first overture. Sigh, i wish i was brave.


  6. I often get naked and hide under the covers too... cos i get cold really quick. But having said that, I'm not an aggresive bare-naked-seductress either. I can probably get as far as dragging BIKSS into the room and nudging him to get into bed but then I'll roll over and he'll have to continue to take the lead cos um, i got no more moves after the big flopping down on the bed! LOL

  7. I have to say -- it was kinda nice to know I am not alone in my sexual shyness..... you'd think after all these years I would be more adventuresome..... ahh well...........

    stay tuned for an update on Monday (cheeky grin)


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