Monday, January 20, 2020

Best Laid Plans

We had plans for the weekend...... but this is the Great White North no plans are ever engraved in stone in January.  The predicted snow storm hit......... mind you we have nothing to complain about we don't live in Newfoundland.  (see below)

We got 20 cms of snow - Newfoundland got 75cms (or almost 3 feet) in less than 12 hours (AND they got another 15cms a day later)
So yeah we have nothing to complain about! 

Nevertheless we had plans for a family gathering in Montreal to celebrate eldest daughter's (and her husband's) birthday.  The snow came and plan A was changed to Plan B.

Plan B was not nearly as much fun - or as interesting - as Plan A.  Plan B consisted of movie watching and snuggling .......... and then on Sunday when the storm was over - shovelling....... and more shovelling...... and some more shovelling! 

Plan C is in the works -- Plan C is a trip to the campgrounds this coming Saturday for a hot dog / skating party...... and then out for sushi for dinner....... Birthday Party 2.0.


there's more snow in the forecast for this coming Saturday......... 
we might need a Plan D...... 

Life is good when there are 25 letters in the alphabet  


  1. Here in the good old south a couple of centimeters would do us in. The 'possibility' would be in the news for days. Schools would close in anticipation. Shelves would be bare of milk and bread, or if I went, cookies and chips. Honestly, those of you with true winters would hurt yourselves laughing. I think you're brave to make plans at all before June. Hope Plans B, C, D and so on work out well.

  2. Ah, Ms. Morningside,

    You make me feel better! I am not the only one moving plans. Two weekends in a row with a possible 3rd one (what is it with snow if January? who ever heard of such a thing? LOL!)


  3. Actually PK not really 'brave' it's more like a coping strategy to get us (ME) through the winter months. I am not a winter person... not even close. We are now using light therapy to try and survive the winter with no major break downs (grinning)

    I personally hang on by my finger nails and pray the spring will come early and the great escape to the country .....

  4. Fingers crossed for plan C! I would never survive there lol. You would definitely laugh at our winters. Snow is very rare in our part of the country and a novelty.



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