Monday, January 13, 2020


(warning - graphic sexual content with pictures 
yeah you know now you can't wait to read/see!!!)

I had a post ready in my head for today..... already to write....... then I visited Windy's blog and thought OMG how appropriate is that for my post??!!!

see yesterday Sir Steve decided we had to have some play time..... well more like some sexy time....... and despite some playful fun all day (like Sir Steve putting some snow down my back - HARD LIMIT -- RED RED RED) and despite my head totally being in the game - my body wasn't  (see my sad face) 

It doesn't happen often (my body not being there) but it does happen occasionally.  Sir Steve is very adapt at getting my body there...... and yesterday was no exception.  Yesterday he focused on my 'doorbell' (read Windy's blog for goodness sakes!)

There was a lot of pussy slapping and tugging on my doorbell -- ohhhhhhhh lord my knees are going weak remembering the tugs on my doorbell.  For the record my doorbell is a bit ornate....... decorated for my pleasure.... 

and oh yeah it does elevate my pleasure !!!  and yeah definitely not for everyone.  

There is something very hot about Sir Steve tugging and stroking and slapping... again not for everyone -- but it satisfies the masochist in me..... 

All this playing ended in some very satisfying (VERY satisfying) sexy times.......

Life is good when the doorbell works !



  1. Well now Ms. Morningstar,

    BLUSHING over here.....But hey, as long as you are happy!!!!


  2. this...and happy to read that I am not the only one that can ....explode ...with some pussy torture...hugs abby

  3. thank you abby I've been stressing a wee bit today about being as open/frank today -- you made me feel better

  4. Boosghost -- I'm sorry I made you blush .... and yes I am extremely happy

  5. LoL Morningstar, I had read Windy's post lol. Glad you two had fun and that Sir Steve was able to 'encourage' your body to the party :)



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