Friday, January 03, 2020


I'm so very lucky!!  Sir Steve worked all week - on his holidays - to get the redecorating finished.  

One of the things that helped get it done so fast - was our local Hardware Store is going out of business - so we checked out their paints.  They had one that had primer already in it and was guaranteed to cover in just one coat.  Sir Steve didn't entirely believe the hype -- but getting expensive paint for less than what he would have paid for the regular stuff was worth the try.  AND -- it worked !!  Only the lil one's room needed some touch ups.. her room was a ghastly pink and green.

In a week he painted 3 bedrooms!!  and they look wonderful.  I have ordered a BIG surprise for the lil one's bedroom - a canopy to go over her bed....... 

a secret hide away - a cozy corner  - an 'anything she wants it to be'   It's supposed to be here by Saturday (yeah Amazon!!) which means we can have it installed and ready for her when she gets home from her Mother's on Monday.

As Sir Steve washed up his painting supplies he turned to me and said 'now the house is truly OURS' ....... it made my heart beat a little faster ...... he truly gets the important things ya know???

Life is good when the renos are done and the house is OURS!



  1. Hey Morningstar,

    it is really great when our men understand the emotional important things isn't?

    Lil'one will be so happy!!!!


  2. Hi Morningstar,

    How fantastic, what a wonderful feeling to have made your home your own, and to have the rennos completed. Well done to Sir Steve. It is so wonderful to have a man who understands the important things :)



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