Saturday, January 18, 2020


My ex has a multitude of misconceptions...... (some of which he posts semi regularly on FB) 

Let's go back years and years ....... 

* he had the mistaken belief that monogamy meant I didn't see anyone else but he could
 * he has the mistaken belief that I loved Sir Steve from day 1 (not even close to the truth - I respect monogamy - and kept my distance from Sir Steve when his marriage fell apart and when he remarried )
*he had the mistaken belief that I was desperate for his money (rolling eyes) ... desperate for attention (bigger eye roll) ... 
*he had the mistaken belief that it was OK to follow me on social media (my fault for not setting my privacy correctly) - Ok to mail me stuff - Ok to talk about me and Sir Steve and the lil one on social media
* he had the mistaken belief that I 'stole' all our friends from the BDSM community when in actual fact they 'stole' me away by convincing me to move out of his house and make my own way.  (they had made up their minds about him LONG before we split up)

The most recent misconception was yesterday when he tagged me in a post on FB about a faulty front door on his house.  Granted it was a door I had purchased - that had defects -- that I was continually having to deal with with the company.  I am assuming he thinks I care about that door........ I don't.  

It's that simple ...... I just don't care.  I tried ..... dear god I tried for years ... then I simply stopped trying.......... 

All I can hear (right now in my head) is the song "Let it Go.......... "  
I do wish he would "Let it Go"......... 

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    The main thing is that you know the truth and background to these comments. Maybe you should de-link and avoid his social media?



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