Friday, November 09, 2012

An Invite

Every day I come here and blab about some thing or another thing.  Every day folks come here to read my blabberings.

Most days I don't think about my "lurkers" here on The Journey.  I just check my numbers and smile and continue writing.  But Bonnie over on My Bottom Smarts doesn't forget the silent majority.  In fact she picks a day each year to honour the lurkers....... LOL day - love our lurkers. 

November 9th - today - is LOL day..........which got me thinking of the huge number of you who come and read silently and leave.  I wonder what brings you here day after day... I wonder who you are .. I wonder why you come day after day .... I wonder if you are too shy to comment - or feel you have nothing to add/say.  You would be wrong ya know.   I would love to hear from my silent majority.. I really would.

Today is your day all my lurkers.  Time to peek your head out and leave a little comment or just say "HI".  Bonnie says other bloggers offer incentive like one spank for every comment.  I won't do that......... mainly cause you - my silent majority - wouldn't be around to count them.  But I will encourage you to leave a comment in way of celebrating LOL day

And if you are brave enough/ daring enough - if there is something in particular you want me to discuss - please !!  feel free to leave a topic or two...... After all - I have been writing for years - and need some "prompts" some days.

I really am looking forward to reading some comments from my "lurkers" :)  don't disappoint me - cause I know me !!  and I will be dashing home from work at lunch etc - just to see if anyone commented.


And while I am on the topic of commentors - I want to say "welcome back to Joyce"  who was a regular in my comment section - disappeared for a bit - and seems to be back.  Joyce your renewed comments brought a smile to my face and lifted my spirits.


Hermione said...

Hi Morningstar,

Happy LOL 7! I'm a regular reader, and leave a comment now and then.

I'm looking forward to finding out how your life will change once you are living D/s 24/7 with Warren. Maybe you can share more thoughts on that, and how you are preparing for it.


ronnie said...

I enjoy visiting but rarely leave a comment so wanted to stop by today and wish you a Happy LOL Day.



I'm hardly a Lurker here (except some days) but have a good LOL Day.


SmilingBelle said...

Happy LOL Day!


Anonymous said...

Although I never comment, I read almost everyday! Thank you for writing.

Ordalie said...

"I wonder why you come day after day". I love the way you write, you are fun!
And I learn a lot about Canadian life. For instance if you say that some place is "barely two hours away", it shows you're accustomed to long distances.
I would never have said "barely" here!

morningstar said...

@Hermione thanks for some prompts for future blog entries ...... all I know right now is that the "joining day" can not come fast enough !!!

@ ronnie - thanks for stopping by - I do believe I have seen you peeking in a few times before today - :)

@Spankedhortic - thank you for leaving a comment today - no you are definitely not a "lurker" but I do thank you for the support and for your continuing visits here...

@ Anonymous - you were my one true "lurker" today IF I had been giving away prizes - you most definitely would have won !! I hope you come back again and again and hopefully leave a comment or two... :) from time to time

and last but not least Ordalie - definitely not a lurker - definitely a regular reader here.. and commenter - and I thank you !! commenters do help keep the words flowing :)

Bonnie said...

Hi MS,

Thank you for participating in LOL Day 7. I'm sorry you didn't collect more comments, but the winds of the Internet are sometimes fickle. With that said, you did attract one genuine lurker and that's fantastic! Not everyone can claim that.

In any case, I appreciate your many contributions to our community.


MrBBSpanker said...

A belated Happy LOL Day. I am a person who has visited before, but this is a first comment. And I joined your blog also :)

A.S.S. said...

Happy LOL Day! Just recently found your blog... but we shall be back!

~Todd and Suzy

BlazngScarlet said...

I am so NOT a lurker!
Voyeur yes, but lurker no.

Happy LOL Day!

Hil said...

I mostly lurk but do comment occasionally,keep up the good work, we do appreciate it a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Just saying hi...

Mr. No Name

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