Sunday, April 11, 2010

a Glimmer of a craving...

i don't remember how it started or even when it started... but W bought a knife and it hung on the wall upstairs. Then W received a set of small oriental sword like knives that sat on the front table.

Occasionally W would bring them out and play with them. i never much thought about them until they were gone...... and i missed them. i thought i missed their physical being in the house. But i am beginning to think that maybe it is something more.

swan and i were chatting one evening and something prompted me to ask her about Raheretic's knives. We laughed and talked about them.. and still the penny didn't drop.

Yesterday swan wrote an entry on The Heron Clan about a wonderful session they had..... one sentence has been popping up in my head since i read it.. "
In the midst of all the spanking and paddling and stroking with His knives"

stroking with His knives.... round and round in my head it goes..if i let my imagination run wild.... i can almost feel the coolness of the steal against my own skin .. the shiver as the steel runs down my spine....

oh yeah... there is a glimmer of a craving........ and i am thinking maybe i will go and find myself a knife or two to have in the house... so when the glimmer of a craving comes i will have a knife to caress... cool steel against hot skin.....

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