Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Pink Shirt Day



I'm assuming everyone knows about Pink Shirt Day and the history behind it...5 years ago - my first Pink shirt day with the lil one........ I remember Sir Steve running out to "Loblaws" the night before Pink Shirt Day to buy the lil one a pink shirt.  Since then we have made sure we have had a pink shirt for her to wear.  She is quite the advocate for Anti Bullying........... which makes us both very proud.


This year my eldest daughter bought herself a 'cricut' 


I had no idea what this machine was - or what it could do.  She has made some gorgeous one of kind cards - got one for my birthday and one for Christmas.  BUT apparently there is a whole slew of stuff you can make with this machine.  And she has a gift list as long as your arm filled with accessories she needs/wants.

She asked me a couple of weeks ago if we would like her to make a 'one of a kind' pink shirt for the lil one.  Of course we would!!  I had no idea what it would look like - kinda figured it would be a pink tshirt with an iron on transfer.  Imagine my surprise when she gave it to us............ it isn't an iron on transfer - at least not like the ones you usually see.  The lil one was absolutely delighted with her Pink Shirt tshirt..... made especially for her!  by her aunt!!  She said she couldn't wait to show her teacher and tell him about Auntie L making it just for her!!  

(not only is she the poster child for anti-bullying she's also amazingly appreciative of gifts !!)

Anyway ..........

Today - Pink Shirt Day - was already booked to be a busy day - the alarm company was coming in this morning to take out the alarm system and move it to the new house.  Yesterday we had a major ice storm and had received about 1/2 inch of ice 


Today we are supposed to get more freezing rain........... and no school buses - which means Sir Steve is driving the lil one to and from school - le sigh.

The technician texted us at 5:00 am to say he would be here in 2 hours!

Then the sump pump (remember our flooded basement?) had been running all night.  We know that cause it's so noisy it kept waking us up.  So I decided to take a peak downstairs and make sure everything was dry - well relatively dry.  It wasn't!  we have a flood again in the basement!!  I need this? now??!!

The tech showed up at 7:30am............. and by 7:45 he was ready to move on to the new house..... Sir Steve met him there... then came home and got the lil one.  I had almost forgotten her in all the confusion!!  She came out of her bedroom sporting her new pink tshirt looking so proud.  The one calming aspect to my day...... the lil one sporting her new tshirt............. 

The new alarm is going in at the new house........ apparently the new landlord is sending  a plumber to look at the flooding........... 

How many more days till we move?? 3 more days........... I can do this !!



  1. Yes you can! And hopefully you can do it with out the need of a boat in the basement. Glad your security system is going to be there waiting for you.

    Lil one looks great, perfect shirt! But just a question, do your schools ever close for weather? Simply the threat of ice would close us down. Stay safe!

    1. it's very rare that the schools are closed PK - the buses frequently don't run... and then the parents must provide transportation if they can...

      As for the boat - you'd think with all the freezing rain the ground would be frozen and not leaking into the basement....... apparently not....... le sigh..... and so I sit and wait for the plumber - Sir Steve keeps saying it doesn't need a plumber - it needs foundation work... but what do we know?!

  2. OMG! Who sends a text at 5am?

    Like the T-shirt.


    1. Our security company ..... le sigh..... fortunately we have a "do not disturb" on our phones from 10pm till 6 am....... so we only got the message when we got up......

      BUT the system is all moved and installed - YAY!

  3. Hi Morningstar, I hadn't heard of a cricut either. How lovely of your daughter, the t-shirt looks awesome.

    Almost there with the move, you got this. You sure will be glad to ditch that basement!


    1. nodding furiously - can't WAIT to be done with this house for sure Roz! the new one has a 'damp' basement - but it has 2 sump pumps that seem to handle the water....

      I don't know why - but from what we hear most of this city has a problem with water in basements - even the brand new homes!!

  4. No, I hand't heard of a circuit before. You'll be so glad not to have that basement problem.

    I can't wait for you all to be settled in your new house.

    Love and hugs,

    1. trust me ronnie - me either!! Yesterday I tried dealing with the woman (I call her the 'bitch') again...... I think she makes the situation worst honestly! she is so rude..... tried to blame us for the water in the basement.... le sigh... 2 more days and she can kiss my (you know what) .......


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