Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Never too Old to Learn......


I love my duvets........... LOVE THEM!  Except when I have to change
them ....... Does anyone else have a duvet?? Anyone else just about kill themselves trying to change it??? For those that have no idea what I am talking about - picture changing a pillow case ...... except the pillow is the size of a queen sized bed......... somehow you have to stuff this HUGE pillow into this pillow case ...stuff it in and try and get it smoothed out ... corners in the corners and no lumps..... It just about kills me!!  and I dread it!!

This morning I was going to change our duvet cover.  Sir Steve sorta kinda glared at me when he was leaving and said " do NOT try and change it yourself we'll do it when I get home".   BUT I'm kinda stubborn.  and besides he has enough to take care of tonite - driving the lil one to dance class - running by the new house to organize the garbage and get it out... so yeah you know I'm gonna do this small/HUGE job myself!

As I was sweating and struggling trying to get the top of this "pillow" into the top of the cover........ I had an EUREKA ! moment.  There HAS to be a better way - let's google it.   It turns out I am not the first person who can't figure out how to change a duvet cover easily.  

And so I watched this video - then went and changed the duvet cover with a minimum of sweating and swearing........ EUREKA!!!  



 For your viewing pleasure - here's the duvet all changed and looking pretty darn good!

AND I have an update on the lil one's ice sun catcher........ 

We tried again yesterday......... but I think because we tried to patch the original one a piece broke off......... BUT the lil one still thought it was good enough to add a ribbon to and hang it outside.  She was thrilled with it....... sometimes I forget kids don't always expect 100% perfection.  



We do have plans to try again (probably next winter cause I have hopes that by the time we are moved into the new house it will be warming up and not a good time to try ice sun catchers) but next time use tin foil plates so we can peel the form away from the ice and selkie suggested using hot water so the ice isn't so cloudy.   


  1. What an awesome trick! Thanks for sharing, will have to try this. Love the ice sun catcher :)


    1. well Roz I can vouch for it working!! almost no sweating or swearing. so it's a win!

  2. I am going to try that Duvet trick. Changing the cover in my camper van is the hardest, because of the limited space.


    1. I did it Prefectdt - a queen sized duvet - I am guessing it will get easier the more I do it.... I think I needed to roll it a little tighter .. it was a bit tricky to get the corners inside...

  3. Psst, if you want clear ice, try using distilled water. The impurities in regular water make it foggy. When we used to do photo shoots we would make our ice from distilled water. You boil that to remove as much of the air as possible and then freeze it. The bubbles get trapped in the middle of the ice as it freezes from the outside in. THat's what makes it cloudy.
    Liquid water holds a little more air than Solid water, so when you freeze ice the bubbles have no where to go but INTO the centre, or wherever is the farthest away from the cold.


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