Saturday, February 05, 2022

If at First You Don't Succeed......



Right - so remember the ice sun catcher the lil one and I made this week???

Wellllllllllll - it didn't exactly work.  I had no trouble getting it out of the pan......... but trying to get the hole made caused it to - bleeping break apart.


Not to despair - we put the two pieces back in the dish - added more water - and this time I bent a tie back into a loop and placed it in the water - hopefully it will work to hang it.  

When the lil one comes home to us on Monday - we'll take it out and see if this works.  We got a couple of suggestions on how to improve it...... 1) try boiling water - hopefully the ice ring won't cloud over as much and 2) use a tin foil plate and then we can wiggle the plate away / peel it away. 

BUT any more tries will have to wait till we move..... there's just so much I can handle at one time......... 


  1. Hi Morningstar, oh what a shame it broke. Fingers crossed it works this time! It does look great, even in two halves lol


  2. Sorry, I have never made one of these and so have no advice to help you with. I did once hear an interesting alternative to the header picture that you used, though.

    If at first you don't succeed, then parachute jumping is not for you. :)



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