Monday, July 05, 2021




Well here I am in the country for the summer............ 

Update on the dog......... Sir Steve took her to the vet on Friday afternoon - explained about his dad and being at his mother's for the week......... they poked and prodded and took an ultra scan and urine samples.  They did some more poking and prodding and diagnosed stress!  They said when things calmed down Lady would return to normal.... unless she was starting a UTI cause there was some blood in the urine - though no white blood cells (which would indicate an infection)  

So we all moved up to the country including the lil one. Lady slept most of Saturday and by yesterday was starting to act more like her devilish self.  

 We had a quiet weekend - what the lil one called 'family time'.  We roasted hot dogs over the fire - went swimming - played cards with eldest daughter and SIL..... and life started to feel normal again.

My anxiety levels are starting to go down.  Life is starting to look up ............ 

Thank you to everyone who popped by and continues to send positive vibes and hugs.. it helped me hang on ..... helped me stay focused .... and helped me to remember that 'this too will pass'.

I should be back to more regular postings here on The Journey - though it will most probably be mundane posts about life in the country...... and ya know what?? After the last couple of weeks - mundane sounds pretty damn good!


  1. Happy to see you're feeling a bit better and getting some time with family and you're enjoying nature! I'm glad Lady is getting better, too. Time for some healing for all of you. Windy

    1. Thanks Windy
      It feels 'normal' here which is a very good feeling

  2. I love mundane! Nick and I watch the news, flip quickly past The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and shows like it and often turned to one another and agree that we LOVE being dull!

    Glad you're in the country and that the dog is relaxing and doing better. Hopefully everyone can relax for a while.

  3. Hi Morningstar,

    So glad to hear the news on Lady. We recently lost our cat, but years ago she used to have semi regular bouts of cyctitis. Most of the time there was no infection and the vet said caused by stress.

    Glad too that you are now relaxing in the country. Something you all need right now. I love mundane too :)


  4. Glad lady is feeling better - hope you all enjoy some quiet time and healing time for a while in the country.. *huggsss* xxx

  5. Glad to hear poor Lady is feeling a bit better. Sometimes when their bodies are stressed, boil some plain chicken and mix with rice for their food for a couple of days (NOTHING else)- it really fixes up their bowels and tummies.


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