Thursday, July 29, 2021

Need a Smile?

 Just a few camping truths...........

no AC needed this summer - but the furnace is nice!


This is SO true!!  'Weekenders" are like tourists in a small town

Honestly this one made me laugh out loud!  It takes 2 to change the sheets!!

Coming back to the campgrounds on Monday night after 11pm!!

Just another camping truth

Definitely truth!  after all the cold temperatures and rain this year!

Another weather + camping meme...........

our dog LOVES sticks - but hasn't made the connection.... YET!

BUT seriously.......despite it all... camping is the best!


  1. Watching the weekenders leave... best thing ever! As for burning the dogs favorite toys, what happens when the dog is obsessed with both the sticks AND the flying embers? We had to watch our girl very carefully because she was forever trying to get both.

  2. You do make it sound great, but I need to find a camp ground that has room service.

  3. You found a campsite where the Wi-Fi actually works! I'm impressed. Sometimes I compare my little bus to the small towing caravan that my parents used to have. I am sitting there with a fixed double bed, shower and toilet, kitchen with fridge and blown air heating, thinking back to the time when camping was an unheated caravan, with a foot pump operated, cold water only tap, a single burner hob, a gas lamp and no electricity, no toilet, no shower and I am thinking,"I was just as happy camping then as I am now". Except for the shower, maybe. Trekking across a damp field, in the rain, to get a shower was my least favourite part of the good old days.


    1. In the old days we had a 2 man tent with a coleman lantern to dry out the dampness and a coleman stove to cook and heat water for washing
      I thought we had moved to the big time when we got a tent trailer - literally a tent built on a trailer
      This 2 bedroom home on wheels honestly isn't camping but I'm too old for old fashioned camping

  4. LoL Morningstar, these are great. Love PK'S comment also. Me too lol.

    Really hope summer either arrives or returns soon.


  5. Loved these, made me smile. Thanks. I've only ever been camping once for a night with a bunch of girls and boys. Don't remember it much, but that's because we were out my of the night.


  6. Giggles. Thanks Morningstar. After this past week or two, I really needed a giggle!


  7. I can't say I enjoy camping in a tent. I did go for a holiday in a tiny trailer once. It had a fridge and stove but no bathroom. I'd love to glamp in your palace!


  8. I'm definitely a city girl. We went camping in tents when I was in primary school, and I can't say I had fond memories. They were mostly "meh". Given a choice now, I'd pick a hotel over a tent every time!


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