Friday, July 02, 2021




We got home at 6:45 last evening...... after a 9 hour drive (it should only take 6 - 7 hours) 

I can safely say it was the most anxiety ridden week of my life... it was exhausting... and very emotional.  Sir Steve's stepmother was in the anger stage of grief ........... it was awful.  

Then during the week - we all got excited cause by the end of next week we will be fully vaccinated - BUT - youngest daughter has thrown up all sorts of road blocks to our visiting... I was devastated - cause all I want to do is go hug my grandkids

AND then.......... 

Sir Steve's dog was quiet and whining a lot... we thought it was because his stepmom has a new puppy who wouldn't leave our dog alone.  

BUT no...... 

on Tuesday I found a wet spot on the rug..... Lady NEVER pees inside - when I cleaned it up - there was blood in it.  And the next day there was another huge circle on the rug - more blood.  Sir Steve called our vet and has an appointment today at 2:00 .......... and we are both really worried.  Google says it could be vaginitis  BUT it could also be cancer.  Trust me when I say this is the last thing we need to deal with right now - well any time - but now is not a good time.

Colour me anxious ...........


  1. Yep, that's been quiet a week. Here's to the next one being much better. There are so many reasons dogs pee some blood. Praying this is one of the simple and easy to treat reasons.

    Yea on being fully vaccinated soon. I think life is going to settle down and you can grab those grand kids soon. Glad you checked in.

  2. UGH! not good. I do hope that things start to improve and that the problems with the dog are minor


  3. I'm so sorry you have had such an emotional and rough week. Sending positive thoughts that the cause of Lady's problem is minor.


  4. Oh goodness I'm so sorry. It really sounds like you have had a very stressful week.

    Hope it's not TOO bad news at the vet.

  5. Anonymous12:03 am

    You really are having a tough time. There is little I can do but send positive thoughts and best wishes to you. Hopefully the dog has a simple bladder infection or perhaps kidney stones. Fingers crossed.

  6. Hugs Morningstar,

    I hate that you are going through this path. It is just awful and the LAST thing you need is a sick furrbaby. I was fine until you wrote about that and then my eyes filled. I am so sorry it is so awful right now.



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