Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Country Shopping


 Last weekend eldest daughter sent me a link for a dress she knew I would love. 

AND she was right - I did love it!  I decided to visit the web site and see if they had anything else I would like....... I could use some funky tops... 

I spent my free time window shopping and building a 'wish list'.  I kept thinking about Fondles and her online shopping successes.  My wish list grew..... I was picking everything that was on sale - as much as 33% off!!!  I mean 33% off ??!!  who could resist? definitely not me.  

My wish list grew and grew.  Then common sense set in...... what if the quality wasn't there? what if the sizing was off? 

So I decided to pick a couple of things.... place an order and wait till it came before doing any more ordering.  I ordered these items.... at 33% off PLUS free delivery PLUS an additional 10% for a first order.  

this one will go with leggings OR as a beach cover up

this one will go nicely with white leggings for a dinner out on a patio

and I can see this one with brightly coloured scarves and some sexy leggings

The only problem I had was where to ship........ I've already had one parcel stolen from our front porch at home in the city (fortunately Amazon was amazing and gave me a full refund and I was able to order again)  Eldest daughter is at home in her city during the week - so she said to have it shipped to her place.  I got notification yesterday that my first order will be delivered on Monday!!

got my fingers crossed everything is as nice as it looks - I know my daughter's order was perfect!!  So I'm hoping I won't be disappointed......... cause yesterday I shopped for cute tshirts and shorts for country living and my wish list is ready to purchase!!!  (grinning) 


  1. Hope you love everything you get! Just wondering, could you have things shipped to where Sir Steve works. He could bring it to you the day it come. I don't know how often you get to see your daughter.

    1. GAH never thoght of Sir Steve's office but unfortunately some parcels are delivered over the weekends

      My eldest daughter camps across the road from us and they come up every weekend :)

  2. I really like the print on the second one


  3. Ooh, these look lovely Morningstar. I hope you love them when they arrive.


  4. Your choices are gorgeous!

    I saw some lovely tunic tops in a popup ad on my email, so ordered three and they were all great. Then I ordered from a different popup site and the tops I ordered were all waaaay too small, like junior sizes. You have to be really careful unless it's a known store.


  5. HAHA, well, I'm glad you're taking over the shopping. I've stopped, more or less, only picking up things I absolutely NEED. Need to pay off that mortgage yo!


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