Friday, July 16, 2021

Busy Day



Yeah it's Friday......... the busiest day of my week.  This is the day I go back to town to either pick up or drop off the lil one....... to do laundry and the grocery shopping for the week.  Today I add a trip to the hair salon for both the lil one and myself - THANK GOODNESS!  I'm 3 months overdue for a cut - my hair hasn't been this long since... since..... god I don't even know !!!

I dread Fridays - I dread going to town.... even this summer where the weather hasn't been all that good - more days of rain and damp than sunshine and heat. I feel anxious and stressed on Fridays....... definitely not my best day of the week. OH and because we are in the country and our internet is the pits - on rainy days we're lucky if we can even connect!!!


to those of you who spend all week waiting for Friday...... 

This one's for you!



  1. LoL Morningstar, hmm, think I'll be more careful about cocktails from now on lol.

    As a working gal, I definitely hang out for Friday. Just think of the haircut...woohoo. Hope you have a great weekend, and hopefully more sunshine.


  2. Morningstar,

    giggles!!! Thank goodness you make me laugh!

    I am so impressed by you. I still can't get up the nerve to be that brave...a haircut???? Re-entry is proving WAY more difficult than I thought.

    I hope the haircut is super relaxing!

    1. super relaxing??not even close - especially since the lil one had her hair cut at the same time - AND our usual/regular hairdresser is on mat leave - so 2 new hairdressers - ugh! mine is awful - all sorts of sticky up bits...... the lil one's still isn't short enough - even though she had to do it again as I said it wasn't short enough.
      My salon though is very strict with protocols - they're at half staff so every second chair is empty - you have to keep your mask on at all times (hair wash was interesting - had to hold the mask across my face) and every time a customer leaves they spray down the entire area with lysol....... it also helps I'm fully vaccinated and live in a quiet spot (no active cases for over 3 weeks now)

      But I get your anxiety!! I think you are in or close to our hot spots .... I wouldn't be willing to leave the house either if I lived near a hot spot!!

  3. I finally called for a hair appointment only to be told my choice person is on vacation for two more weeks! Looks like you have a way to get a grip though!

  4. I loved the way that GIF played with my mind :) The best thing about Fridays is that they are followed by Saturdays


    1. I kinda thought some might find the gif amusing.
      Best part of weekends is having Sir Steve home and eldest daughter and SIL around :)

  5. HEHE. Cute. I hope you're having a sane weekend!


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