Saturday, July 10, 2021




I was thinking last night as we (as in Sir Steve, eldest daughter and SIL) sat around the campfire... eating freshly picked raspberries and cream - about how good life was starting to feel.  I had a couple of yucky days after my shot - but things were starting to look up.

The lil one has been sent off to her mother's....... and I have a whole week just for me stretching ahead......... YAY!! (can you see me doing the happy dance?)

I have a plan....... and cause I don't 'talk' easily - I am going to send Sir Steve an email....... I have this idea....... where we combine spanking and sex together... it's a great plan - unless your name is Sir Steve or you have the same philosophy as he does.......... which means spanking and sex do NOT go together.

Only problem with that is - I get so 'hot' when he spanks me and dearly want to have sex .......... at the end..... in the middle - I don't care - just gimme SEX ..... please!

So I'm gonna write him a little fantasy - and see if maybe just maybe he will try it for me.  Of course it could go horribly wrong - like if after all these years his body doesn't get the need to fulfill my fantasy....... if you follow my drift....  

But nothing ventured nothing gained right??? 



  1. Seems like most men like putting the two together. Maybe he'll come around. I like your idea of writing him, just talking or a fantasy either one. Best of luck to you!

  2. I have to admit that as a male submissive, I too like to separate play and sex. It is not just that getting spanked tends to make any trouser excitement go away, for many guys as well as myself. I can always get that back after play. For me, although I am submissive when playing, I am pretty dominant when it comes to sex. Which makes it difficult to mix the two, although I have managed it when required. It would be foolish to assume that Sir Steve is the same but reversed, but when a male mind separates two activities, there is usually a psychological reason. To overcome this problem, first you need to find out what that reason is. Just saying it from a male point of view and hope that it helps, ya know


    1. Prefect thanks so much for the male input - honestly!!! I totally get your point but I'm hoping as Sir Steve is always dominant that it might be easier for him.
      I kinda got the nerve to actually talk to him about this but I am going to do a post on it next week :)

  3. Looking forward to the outcome of the email exercise. And yes, I totally saw you doing the happy dance! Enjoy the week ahead.

  4. Hi Morningstar,

    Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing week. I love your idea of writing to Sir Steve. Spanking and sex definitely go together here. I hope the email works for you and will be looking forward to hearing the outcome.


  5. WOW! This could be so great! I wonder how it will work.

    I hope the week is blissful and quiet. I am also glad the reaction to the vaccine is over.

    Our house is a fully vaxxed house now and in 2 weeks we will hit "full" coverage. I am so excited for that!!!! Plus, Sheriff took that week off, so we may go out....visiting universities (read driving around campuses).

    Life is good when it is summer!


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