Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Safe and Secure



One of the disadvantages of not living in the city during the summer months - an obvious one - the house is empty for weeks on end.  When we are home I never feel unsafe or worried - after all we do have a black lab who can sound like she's going to rip your throat out - through the reality is she would probably show you where the silver is.

We have never had a problem in the past.  BUT this summer there was a screw up with an Amazon delivery and the parcel sat at our front door for a day or so... and was ultimately stolen.  AND then a neighbour reported some women loitering around our house.  Sir Steve and I decided it was time to get a security system installed.  (I have always had a security system before this)

First problem was finding a company to do the job in a timely manner.  One of the big companies would do the job but not till the end of September........... that wouldn't work we need/want the system installed THIS summer!!  The next big company wanted a ridiculous amount of money for their system!!! The next one was all lined up to do the job when they discovered they didn't cover our small town.  le sigh.  Finally we called a Canadian company - owned and operated here in Canada!  I did all the right checks - and it looked pretty damn good....... the price was in the ball park of the bigger American companies... and they could install within a week......... and the Better Business reviews looked good.  So we signed with them and booked an appointment for this past Monday.

The appointment was set for between 11 and 2........ I went to town to be there with Sir Steve .. I wasn't sure if I needed to be there - but I did want to make sure I understood how it would work.

The installation did not go as planned.

The guy showed up at 2:15 - didn't introduce himself... thought he would put the front camera on a corner of the house that would not pick up faces of folks coming up the stairs?! I told him to move it! He started the wiring............. at 3:30 he announced he had to go the hardware store to get something...... at 4:20 he was back ... at 5:30 he still hadn't finished the wiring for the front camera.  He had been on his knees under the front window trying to drill a hole through the wall and his shorts kept getting lower and lower on his ass....... OMG!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  he had more than plumber's crack - he was virtually mooning the room!!!  Disgusting!!!


Finally he moved to the back to install the camera on the back of the house........ I wandered into the laundry room and was facing the window to the back yard and what to my wondering eyes did appear - his belly hanging out of the shorts - shorts down so low I don't know how they didn't fall down!!  OMG!!!   At one point Sir Steve went out the back to see what he was doing......... again he couldn't drill through the wall - Sir Steve said 'let me do it' and on his first try was through the wall!!

By 7pm Sir Steve ordered dinner for us......... 

By 8pm I had steam coming out of my ears... he wasn't even close to being finished

By 8:30 Sir Steve was on the phone with the company placing a complaint

By 9:30 the tech had finally started to install the window and door alarms

By 10:00 we were entering our codes ... and it was done!  The house was a mess..... Sir Steve and I started to clean up and by 10:30 we virtually pushed his bare ass out the door set the alarm and headed back to the country.

Yesterday morning Sir Steve called the company.  By yesterday afternoon we had a formal apology from the company - and they refunded the installation fees! My faith in our choice of security company was renewed. 
(turns out the job should only have taken between 3 and 4 hours to complete!  It took this twit over 8 hours!!)

Everything is working well - we can now check the front and back of the house whenever we want ...... and make sure all is well... AND we will know when / if parcels have been delivered.  (when a parcel is delivered Sir Steve runs by the house to pick it up on his way home from work)

Now I can thoroughly and completely relax and enjoy the rainy cold weather (grinning) in the country without worrying about our house in the city.


  1. I thought that plumbers had patented butt crack working practises? :)


    1. Obviously not. LOL security techs have it too though it was more like a full moon

  2. Glad you have it installed and working. So did the company say why they hired this guy? And if he still works there?

  3. Hi Morningstar,

    Glad you have the security system installed, despite the drama of the installation. That must give you great peace of mind.

    That was good of the company to refund the fee and apologise.


  4. What a nightmare! I'm glad it worked out in the end and you got a refund.



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