Thursday, July 08, 2021



 Yesterday was an 'oooops' sort of day..... 

Sir Steve worked from home ....... nothing particularly ooopsy about that - except here in the country our internet access is the pits........ basically one device at a time... which meant I had no internet access all day - which meant emails and blogs didn't get done.

The second ooopsy moment ?? well that one was rather spectacular......... 

I was booked for my second shot of vaccine yesterday.... which is why Sir Steve was home.... I had no worries I'd been through this before right??  Let me ask you this though - what is the one thing you do NOT want to hear when getting a shot?? Ooops is pretty high on my list.... and that is exactly what the woman said as she injected me - "OOOOPS!"

I looked at her as she was frantically signalling for the nurse on duty ........ nurse on duty called for the EMT guy....
apparently the shot missed my arm muscle...... don't ask me how!!! .... and my arm was starting to swell immediately and I T C H!!!  so I was escorted to the 'special' section... and seated right beside the gurney.   A badge was put on my shirt written in RED ink that indicated I had to wait 30 minutes instead of the usual 15.  UGH!!  Every 5 minutes (yes I timed it) the EMT guy would come and ask me how I was... le sigh.

Finally after 30 minutes (that felt like forever!) I was allowed to leave after I promised them I would take allergy medicine when I got home and would go immediately to a hospital if I felt 'funny'.  (I always feel funny - grinning)

Honestly by the time I left the swelling was down and the itching wasn't all that bad.  BUT ugh - I was in a terrible mood - felt a bit like a 2 year old who didn't get their nap... cranky!!! I had a so/so sleep last night.... Sir Steve went off to work cause I'm pretty sure I can handle the lil one today - despite the cold wet weather.  

All that drama - but I am fully vaccinated... though how that is going to change my life is still left to be seen.........


  1. Wow. When I had a family member train as a doctor they were told to remover oops from their vocabulary. They told them even if the patient was under for surgery, that word was never to be uttered. Guess they didn't tell the person giving the vaccine that. But i'm glad all is well and you are fully vaccinated!

  2. WOW!!! You do have the most fun! Interesting that it reacts that way....I wonder about the science behind it.

    I am glad you are fully vaxxed though! Big sigh of relief!

    I hope the itching and swelling are the last things for you to deal with!


    1. 'member when I said life was mundane??? didn't last long did it - le sigh. BUT honestly my arm isn't too bad today and other than feeling exhausted I will live!!

  3. Oh gosh Morningstar, that must have been scary for a time there. When I had the flu jab this year it bled which has never happened before. The nurse almost said the same thing lol.

    Glad you have now had both jabs. Hope the swelling and itching disappears quickly.


  4. Gosh Morningstar, I think I would have freaked out. Glad you are OK and have had both jabs.



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