Wednesday, July 21, 2021

This 'n That



Not much going on around here this week - well unless you can count major thunderstorms - threats of tornadoes and hail.  Not my favourite weather conditions when you're in an RV let me tell you!!  AND in bad weather our internet is so slow it's not worth even trying - anyone remember dial up??

It seems I am slowing down on visiting blogs...... le sigh........ I was shocked to see I had missed a whole day at Spankedhortic and am running a day behind on Fondlers Anonymous - another sigh - AND when I do read/comment I am usually on my phone and omg!  typing on my phone is one typo after another - I apologise for some of the gobbledy gook I have left on blogs......... 

We had another example of how covid has/is affecting the lil one... she was playing in the pool with her 'crew' the other day and the kids were having a ball - laughing and splashing...... when one lil one grabbed our lil one and she pushed him off and said ' get off me - haven't you heard of C O V I D!!' I will be glad when the kids can be kids without worrying about pandemics.

It's another rainy day in paradise today........ am thinking I'll drag the paints out and the lil one and I will make some golf ball lady bugs for the back garden - if they turn out I might even post a picture........ 

Good news is - we're half way through the week !!!




  1. Sounds like some good vacation time if you could lose the nasty weather. I do love the picture.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out. I post every day, it is perfectly normal to miss a post or two.

    We had a National Feast Day (Bank Holiday) and had glorious weather, which is unusual for this year


  3. Love the pic Morningstar lol. We have had lots of rain and gale winds here lately causing a lot of devastating flooding. It's raining again as I write. Well, I guess it is winter here. Sigh.

    Hope summer returns again soon.


  4. Ladybugs sound like a great idea. I hope they turn out pretty!


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