Thursday, July 15, 2021

Covid - thoughts



I've been thinking...... over thinking probably .... about a number of things... the most prominent is covid.  Our numbers are at 0 and have been for 3 weeks now.  I am fully vaccinated and starting to feel a little safer.  Then the other day I realized it's July - and a year ago we had only had 2 cases - but by September our numbers were rising and we landed up having - by spring - over 1400 cases.  So are these good numbers because it is summer ??? or is the vaccination program really working??? I guess we won't really know till fall and everyone returns to school and indoor activities

AND I have noticed that a lot of bloggers who were around in the thick of the pandemic have slowly disappeared again (colour me sad) I know summer can alter the blogging numbers drastically - but I'm thinking the lifting of restrictions is having an impact too.  

(shrug) Just the thoughts that go through my addled brain.


  1. The summer hols always effect the amount of people blogging/visiting. I should do a COVID post. Things are a bit weird here in Belgium right now. Infection rates rising fast but hospitalizations and death rates falling


  2. Things are a bit yoyo-ing at the moment. we'll have single digits, and then boom, 80 patients in a cluster cos they went to some "nightclub" using an FnB licence so they can continue to operate as a restaurant and not go out of business entirely. And i guess there was mingling between tables etc.

  3. Hi Morningstar,

    I think traditionally summer has resulted in less blogging and the lifting of restrictions may also have an impact. I'm praying that the covid situation doesn't change here now that we have on again, off again travel between NZ and Australia depending on the covid situation there.



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