Monday, July 26, 2021

Tentative First Steps



A few weeks ago I got notification that our Rib Fest was going to happen this year .......... and I decided I was comfortable enough to go........... 

Back then we had no new cases ... and since then we had 0 cases - new or old - our little corner of the world seemed to be covid free..... so yeah! let's go to Rib Fest.

Then in the space of 5 days we went from 0 - 7 cases!!!  WHAT??!!  NO!!!!!!!! But I decided we could try it... go pick up our food and if it seemed safe - eat there - if not then bring our food back here and eat in the safety of our deck.

On Friday night we (eldest daughter, SIL, and us) - discussed how to do the Rib Fest safely.  We all decided to go after the lunch crowd and before the dinner crowd. We all brought our masks.... 


When we got there there weren't too many people - larger crowds then any of us have been in in the last 2 years - but everyone were wearing masks .. and keeping 2m distance (more or less).  The men went and got the ribs... eldest daughter and I went to get our bloomin' onions.  

Then we were trying to decide where to go and eat....... when eldest daughter spotted a park bench behind the food trucks...  We cut between the food trucks and made our way down to the water....... there were hardly any people!! AND we managed to find a picnic table!!  What a great meal we had... sitting by the water enjoying the view and the soft summer breezes.  It almost felt normal!!  Once our meal was done we didn't wander round - didn't go near the live bands or the amusement park... we walked along the path by the water till we got to the path leading back to the parking lot.... got in our car and came back to the campsite.

Our ribs and bloomin' onion were delicious!!


All of us declared Rib Fest a huge success!!  and I am even entertaining thoughts of venturing out to another favourite restaurant - with a terrace on the water!!   


  1. Glad the rib fest was a success for you Morningstar, sounds like you found a wonderful spot to dine too. The food looks yummy!

    Also glad to hear it seems the majority were acting responsibly.


  2. Sounds perfect! And now I really want a blooming onion. I hope we can all enjoy some wonderful outing before the covidiots drive us into isolation again.

  3. Toddling back in to real life :) That is something that we will all be doing soon, hopefully


  4. That sounds wonderful! We're "going green" on the 30th. We only have something like 6 active cases in the whole province. It just might be time for a trip to the beach!

  5. Oh the onion looks heavenly! Good that it was a success!


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