Tuesday, July 13, 2021




Early Saturday morning Sir Steve and I were enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck in the sunshine.  I was fidgety - ok ok translated 'I was horny' and decided I was not going to send an email.  I'm a full grown woman and should be able to use my words - no?! So I started talking - mostly inane gibberish - but I did finally blurt out what I was hoping we could try - a spanking that evolves into sex!   Sir Steve nodded and said that was a possibility.... so I let it go.... it's up to him IF and WHEN something happens.

 Fast forward to Sunday - early evening.  I was feeling a little down - post party blues I guess.......... and believe me when I say a spanking - never mind sex - was the last thing on my mind!  AND of course that was the exact moment I got my 'marching orders' - 15 minutes naked over the end of the bed.

For a split second I toyed with the idea of begging off...... explaining my mind set just wasn't there........ but ya know I did ask.......... and the more the idea rolled around in my head the more butterflies started fluttering.

So - 15 minutes later found me naked bent over the bed........... have I told you how high our bed is???  I need a bloody stool to get into it!!!  So I am standing on tippy toes... clutching the duvet - praying I didn't slide off.  

Sir Steve has a pattern? a way to spank? not sure how to describe it - but usually the first thing he does is run his hands over my ass.  On Sunday he commented that my ass was cold.......but wouldn't stay that way for long.  And then the spanking started....... 

It didn't feel very long - when he stopped and I heard the belt coming out of his pant loops.  I thought 'ohhhhh wow he's going to use his belt!' Nope!  He stripped - stood behind me again - pushed my legs apart and thrust into me.  Obviously he'd had enough of this spanking thing.  

Did it meet my expectations? Well like a lot of fantasies - no ........ but with some adjustments........ oh yeah it could be all that and more!!! Sir Steve has promised there'll be more spanking and sex together....... YAY!! 


  1. Sounds like you two are on the same road now


  2. Good on you for using your words. Glad it had positive results. Fingers crossed for more :)



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