Thursday, December 03, 2020

The Demons

And why I hate them....................


It started wayyyyyyy back when I was little and my dad had bird feeders..... my dad - my peace loving, kind, gentle father threatened to get a gun and shoot them as they fed from his feeders........... 


THEN....... fast forward to a few years ago and coming home from work to find my house trashed........ thought I had had a break in....... I guess in a way I had had a break in.. there was a squirrel in my house trashing everything!!!   


interesting facts I learned from the exterminator who was called to get rid of the squirrel living in my house - terrorizing my cats.......
1) they chew through electrical wires and cause fires
2) they pee everywhere they go - leaving a scent trail so they can find their way back
3) you have to completely sterilize your house once the squirrel is removed


Fast forward to this November........... we put up a very nice garland on our front stairs... (you can't see it - but there are artificial red berries and pine cones on the garland)

Two weeks after putting the garland up - TWO WEEKS! - every berry on both garlands had been chewed and ruined by our neighbourhood squirrel!!!! 


And that is just the latest reason why I hate squirrels!


I want this for Christmas!!



  1. Have you ever seen that episode of Blackadder with Amanda Richardson as a highway woman :)


  2. Anonymous4:25 pm

    I agree. The solution? Trap 'em. Kill 'em. Problem solved. They are not an endangered species, they are 'tree rats'. LOL

  3. How frustrating, fortunately we don't have squirrels here.


  4. Squirrels ate all the buds on our rhododendron last spring - sob! They also chewed through the wires on the grapevine balls I had made and hung on a tree, so they no longer lit up. But I still buy peanuts in the shell for them. It's fun to watch them try to get into our squirrel-proof feeder.

    I never saw a black squirrel until I moved to Ontario. In Quebec we only had grey ones.



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