Monday, December 14, 2020

Merry Xmasochist



We had such a busy weekend !!  We managed to squeeze in our trip to Montreal to drop off gifts and food baskets early Saturday morning before any bad weather arrived (though the storm was more a tempest in a teapot!)   Sunday Sir Steve helped me bake more cookies - the food baskets depleted our supply of Christmas treats.

By Sunday late afternoon - I figured any play time/adult snuggle time wasn't going to happen - we were both pooped.  Imagine my surprise when Sir Steve said that he was going to have a shower and would meet me in the bedroom when he finished!!

Butterfly time!

And it wasn't a sensual spanking either - it was a 'test my limits' spanking.  (Sir Steve had said he needed this maybe more than me!)  Sir Steve brought out the leather strap!! and knives... "oh be still my heart!!" 

The strap was hard ......... I yelped and squirmed ........ 

Sir Steve slowed it down....... did a lot of stroking between hits... and gave me a chance to get on top of the pain....... something he's very good at ... working WITH me to make it a fulfilling spanking session!  

The knife - omg!  the knife !  it's been so long ... when I felt the tip bite into my skin.. felt it moving down my back... I absolutely melted!  Sir Steve spared no part of my body... the knife talked to me - sang to me.. .teased me ....... I held my breath when it slipped up my thigh finding its way to my most private bits...  Sneaky Sir Steve would let me fall into the sensations of the knife ... then grab the strap and get in a couple of really good hits!  

It was totally amazing!  much like it used to be........... 

Life is good when the Christmas fairies come out to play.......... 


  1. Anonymous8:39 am

    I'm jealous. Things here have been very slow on the kinky front for a while now. Rosa doesn't handle holidays well.

  2. This does sound like your type of celebration! I'm so glad you got the chance to indulge!

  3. Never been that much into knife play but that strapping sounds good to me :)


  4. Wow Morningstar, What a wonderful weekend all round! Happy for you :)



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