Thursday, December 10, 2020

Home Schooling report



We've had some challenges with home schooling.  

About 3 weeks ago the teacher called me with the "Is there something going on at home?"  that spells problems - BIG problems.  

Turns out that the lil one had been refusing - REFUSING! - to do math work.  She had been giving the teacher lip and rolling her eyes at the teacher.... and she turned her camera off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hit the roof......... her father hit the roof.  There were consequences - first one being - NO more play dates - extra math work - no computer time other than school.

We thought we had it nipped in the bud......... 

Then I caught her playing during class - she decided she didn't want to do the dance exercise?!  Next time - she was bouncing on her bed cause what was going on wasn't that important??!!!!  GAH!!!  she's lucky she's still breathing.

We thought ........... Sir Steve and I ...... that things were improving.... I am sitting on her more during school and the teacher is back to singing her praises .. how good she is ... how hard she tries....
(and before anyone tries to excuse this behaviour with covid excuses - nah - doesn't work - this sweet child has been disruptive in class for the last 4 years .. talking too much and most days not finishing work - so this isn't a new set of behaviours) 

Sooooooooo we're back on track and life is joyous again.

Sidebar - since my dental surgery - I am still suffering with some pain.  There are foods I just can't eat -- anything that requires biting for example.  The dentist assures me it will improve - could take 3 - 4 months for the jaw bone to fully heal.  

Sooooooooo Christmas treats .... I bought some Hershey kisses for some decorations and there were about 2 bags left over.  I discovered I could eat these with no pain - cause they are basically soft.  I asked Sir Steve if we could keep the kisses for me - there's lots of other chocolates that he can nibble on.  I was having 3 - 4 a day ... replacing dessert with candy.

The other day I reached for my daily allotment and noticed the jar was nearly empty.  How could that be??!!  I figured Sir Steve was nibbling on them... shrugged and figured we could always buy more ............ 

We also have been concerned about the lil one's weight.  Every time she comes back from her mother's she has put on from 1/2 a pound to a 1 pound.  She would lose it here with us........ but we weren't making any headway ya know?! Then for the last 2 weeks her weight was up with us!!! (this corresponds to when the candy appeared in our house)  I couldn't figure out what was happening and was getting worried.

I also began to notice that if I went outside for a smoke - or had a shower - or was just not that visible in the main part of the house that when I did reappear the lil one would be out of her bedroom - and looked guilty.  

Yesterday the penny dropped.... with a resounding CLUNK!  I called her to the living room for a 'talk'.  Turns out she has been sneaking candy by the handful AND she's been doing the same thing at her mother's for months!!! ......... I went through her garbage can..................... 


AND it's not like she can't have candy - despite the threat of diabetes......... we simply substitute candy for dessert AND she knows that !  We never deny her anything.........everything in moderation!

 As I write this I am shaking......... all the candy - sweets - and treats have been hidden away - high up in cupboards.  BUT it pisses me off ya know?!  I pride myself on pretty glass jars that hold the candy and add to the Christmas decorating........ now we can't leave temptation around.

Christmas is supposed to be a happy joyful time....... and now ... now I feel as though the magic is gone.  and it makes me so very sad 


  1. I commiserate about the home schooling - alhtough from what you've written over the past couple of years, she sounds like a typical kid in many ways! And as for the candy? I don't know morningstar, kids are kids! I had four and D. and I still laugh today about some of the ingenious ways they tried to "disguise" swiping sweets - include setting up their siblings (i.e. all those wrappers? In my house, the culprit most likely was NOT the one who had them under the pillow but a sibling who set them up!)

  2. Hi Morningstar, I can certainly understand your frustration. Kids are born tryers. Glad it sounds as though you have both issues back on track.



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