Tuesday, December 01, 2020

December 1st



Many years ago I heard about "Holidailies" a challenge to write an entry on your blog every day in the month of December...... from Dec 1 to Jan 1.  

And loving a challenge I entered.  Back then they had a category for  'adult blogs'....... then they stopped separating them and there was no way I wanted to post The Journey for vanillas to read randomly....  BUT loving the challenge...... I decided I really didn't need to register somewhere to do a 'blog entry a day' for December....... I would and could and did continue the tradition here on my blog.

This year is no different.  I am going to try to write a blog entry every day through the month of December........ which means I am gonna have to be really organised... posts queued for when I am not on here... and it's gonna mean a whole lot of vanilla posts involving recipes and memories and 'home corners' of Christmas decorations.. and probably more than a few memes.

You're welcome to come along for the journey ... from here - Dec 1st -
to there - Jan 1st   

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  1. Sounds wonderful Morningstar, looking forward to your posts :)



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