Saturday, December 05, 2020

Taking Care of Business.......


There is some 'business' that needs to be dealt with ... stuff from yesterday's blog.


First off - Roz asked me if a poinsettia's leaves will turn red again the next year. 
Honestly Roz - I have never been able to keep a poinsettia alive past Easter - BUT because I love my lil mini poinsettia - your question prompted me to do some research!
Here's what I found.........

Make a Poinsettia Rebloom 

To coax a poinsettia plant to bloom again, it’s necessary to repeat the poinsettia life cycle.
After the holidays and once blooming has ceased, limit the amount of watering so the plant can go dormant until spring.
Then, usually around March or April, regular watering can be resumed and fertilizing can begin.
Prune back the plant to about 6 inches from the top of the container and repot. Poinsettia plants can be kept outdoors in a protected sunny area during summer, if desired.
Pinch out the tips to promote branching of new growth until about the middle of August.
Once fall returns (and shorter days), reduce the amount of fertilizer, and bring outdoor plants inside.
Once again, limit watering in September/October and give the poinsettia bright daylight temperatures between 65-70 F. (16-21 C.) with total darkness at night with cooler temperatures of around 60 F. (15 C.).
Once flower bracts have developed definite colour, you can reduce the amount of darkness and increase its water.

Next piece of business - 

There was a comment on yesterday's blog - signed by a "Sir".  PK noticed it and assumed it was Sir Steve commenting.........fair assumption!

BUT it wasn't Sir Steve....... it was a Dominant from my past.

Sir Steve has a completely different opinion of the term "Sir" .... even back 10 years ago when I was his 'demo dolly'.  Back then, the only time I was to EVER use the term 'Sir' was when we were actively playing at a play party...... and only for the time we played....... before and after he was just 'plain Steven'.  Every once in a while I will tease Sir Steve and say 'you the boss!' and he will roll his eyes at me.  He is (quite truthfully) the first man ever that has truly believed a relationship should be as close to 50/50 as possible..... no slave... just two adults trying to make the best relationship possible... each supporting the other.


Sir Steve sees my blog as my domain..... my place to write from the heart .... he reads but I don't think he will ever comment..... well not on the blog.  He has - once or twice - talked to me about the blog.. mostly to say it made him laugh.  

I believe we have a healthy relationship with BDSM - it certainly is healthier mentally for me....... I am once again a strong independent woman thanks to Sir Steve.

AND .......... just to show you how he doesn't take being my 'Sir' too seriously (grinning) today he is going to be my 'sous chef' while I start the massive undertaking of Christmas baking.  You'll find him in the kitchen - chopping and dicing and dipping and cleaning and washing dishes......... 

Life is good when there is balance in everything............ 


  1. I am VERY sorry I have caused troubles using my " Nickname Sir " but that is what I set it up years ago with most sites ESPECIALLY at Fetlife with I was/am the only SIR as a name.

    I didn't realize/think this would cause any troubles but it seems it has and I really am thinking of removing it completely from EVERYTHING since I will NEVER be a Sir again.

    In any case you can see I have changed my nick here to EX-Sir since I will NEVER be morningstar's Sir EVER again!

    So ONCE again, I am sorry to everyone especially morningstar and her NOW Sir for this mess...

  2. I would add one thing to your Poinsettia care tips. It is a plant that comes from a very hot region of Mexico and is not at all cold tolerant. Basically it should never be put in a place that drops below 10 degrees centigrade at all. That will kill it although it will not look dead for some time. which is why most of them don't last after Christmas. If they got cold in the shop or where not covered on a cold day as you carried them to the car or they are in a room that gets cold at night or you put them outside when night temperatures fall below 10 celcius they are already dead. They just keep looking alive for a few weeks. Temperature wise they are very delicate.


  3. Thanks Prefectdt - should have asked you - the plant expert (I forgot)

    I am thinking any poinsettia in my house is dead before Christmas then - cause it's bloody cold here ........ was 5 celsius when I brought it home - only wrapped in a sheet of paper :( Ahhhhhhh well I'll enjoy it while it thrives :)

  4. Hi Morningstar, wow, thank you so much for researching this and shating. You are indeed a star :) Thank you also to those who commented. Wow, sounds like there is a bit involved!



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