Friday, December 11, 2020

A Christmas Adventure


 A few weeks ago I heard about this Christmas light display that you drive through... I thought what fun!! A Christmas Adventure....... that is until I checked into it.... 

First it was about an hour from home - the cost though GAH!!  $30 per car AND $15 for each person in the car!!  I couldn't believe it!  I don't care how magical the lights are - it isn't worth $ 75 for us.  I was disappointed.

Then our lil town - which I have to say is known for it's community spirit - announced it would be having a "Holiday Sparkle" at a local conservation area.  Tickets were FREE... they only asked - if you could afford it - to bring some non-perishables for the local food bank.  Businesses around town jumped on board - supplying volunteers - generators - gas for the generators - never mind putting up light displays.  

The minute tickets went up ....  I grabbed one for Thursday Dec 10 at 6:30 (last night).  Good thing I did... the tickets got snapped up within the first week and they even added more dates!! Sir Steve said that we'd order in pizza (normally we would have taken the lil one out to a restaurant for dinner) to add to the adventure. 

So last night we bundled up - found a radio station playing Christmas music - and headed off to our Christmas Adventure.  

What an amazing show they put on -- especially for the first year and short notice.  

Here are some pics ...........

we took the long way home - driving through the back streets to see all the lights our neighbours had put it up.

What a wonderful Christmas adventure we had!!



  1. I am loving this more for how charity beat out commercialism than the displays themselves. Great story!

    We have one of these near us right off the Garden State Parkway (NJ), but I haven't gone in years. Not really my thing as I prefer more traditional displays. Still I think the one near us is just a single "per car" fee...and I think it used to be like $15.

  2. I bet it was every bit as good at the costly one. It sounds like it was a magical night!

  3. I love that they are doing something for the community and people are coming together to help those who may be less food-secure.

    I've found a deep peace in my recent efforts to help those in need in my community, those who are just a little bit "too well off" to qualify for any government aid, but are still struggling to live adequately on their meagre income. It's really sad that there's a whole bunch of people who fall in this bracket.

    The pics look beautiful! I'm sure you all had a wonderful time.

    I'm looking forward to my own family outing this Tuesday at the local Christmas flowers display! I"ll post fotos. :)

    (and obviously i have been away too long, loving the new blog look!)

  4. Wow Morningstar, how spectacular! Looks absolutely msgical. What a wonderful Christmas adventure:)



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