Saturday, December 12, 2020

New Customs


I'm the first one to say Christmas should be a time of 'making memories'...... warm fuzzy memories.  

This Christmas sure is making memories for a life time......... not quite the memories I envisioned but still memories .......... 

We're lucky enough to be able to have eldest  daughter and SIL down over the holidays - they self isolate (same as we do) and in our area we're allowed 10 people inside and 25 outside - like we'd have an outdoor celebration!!  in freezing temperatures.  Youngest daughter however lives in an area that is locked down....... NO ONE allowed in your house...... NO ONE allowed outside ........... We're all struggling with that one..  I won't be able to be with my grandkids.. or daughter over the holidays.

However - because I am bound and determined to make this Christmas as special as possible considering the circumstances...... we're gonna have a virtual Christmas celebration next weekend.  Last year we started celebrating with them the week before so that the lil one could be in her own home for Christmas morning...... and so we could start some Christmas memories of our own. 

I had the bright idea to take food packages down to daughter - filled with Christmas goodies - so that on the 19th when we ALL celebrate together via the internet -  it might feel a little bit like I am with them when they eat the cookies and nibble on the fudge.  To that end I have been baking up a storm..... with Sir Steve's help. (remember THIS POST from a week ago??)

If I am making one food basket why not make more??? Easy Peasy right??? So yesterday I got all the food baskets out lined up on the kitchen table.. and all the cookies and treats... and started filling baskets.... one for youngest daughter... one for her mother-in-law - one for my ex (we're good friends!) one for Sir Steve's boss (to thank him for his help during my dental emergencies) one for my hairdresser.........
(which emptied out our stash of Christmas goodies - tomorrow Sir Steve has volunteered to be sous chef again - we're gonna have to make more goodies!)



Today we had planned to head down to Montreal to drop off the family baskets and Christmas gifts and maybe have a little visit in the front yard.  BUT  ya know it's 2020 - SO we woke up to severe weather warnings .......... freezing rain is supposed to be on the way.  Our leisurely run down has been changed to an early dash and drop.... le sigh!

Life is good when you can tackle the challenges and win!


  1. Those treats look simply lovely! It's great you're going to beat the lockdowns and have a virtual Christmas gathering nonetheless. It WILL be a Christmas to remember indeed.

    We have a 5-person visiting rule. So me and mum will head out to the sister's place for Christmas day.

  2. Those goodies look wonderful! I'm going to have to find a way to sneak onto your list! Sorry about your weather. But to rub it in a bit, Nick went golfing again yesterday our high should be about 65 today. You're welcome to come visit and to bring some goodies.

  3. The baskets and goodies look fabulous Morningstar. It definitely will be a Christmas to remember for many. We are so fortunate here to be able to travel around the country and have a 'normal' Christmas. Just masks on planes I believe and public transport in some areas.

    Good on you for being determined to make Christmas as wonderful as you can and have a virtual Christmas. I want to be on your Christmas goodies list too lol



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