Monday, December 07, 2020

Christmas Prep



We had a good weekend - a busy weekend - and it was productive.  Sir Steve insisted last week that he would help me get Christmas baking done.  

We made............ 

chocolate dipped peppermint cookies

cherry bread


AND............ cinnamon bun cookies

Sir Steve chopped cherries and drizzled chocolate

AND He even cleaned up the kitchen / washing dishes and putting everything away..... am I spoiled OR am I spoiled!??? AND he ordered dinner from our favourite German restaurant Saturday night - yummy schnitzel!!

BUT back to the cookies....... the plan is to make up goodie baskets for family and some friends...... AND I needed to get it done cause we are doing a run to Quebec this coming weekend to drop off gifts.  We won't be able to celebrate with youngest daughter and grandkids this Christmas (colour me sad) but I thought if they had a basket of 'mom's' baking I would be there in spirit.  

Life is very good when Christmas baking is a cooperative activity 



  1. I LOVE cherry bread. It was one of my grandmother's specialties that she baked for her bridge club, along with date, orange and banana breads.

    I'm making butter tart squares soon. They taste like butter tarts but so much easier.


  2. Anonymous8:36 am

    I love cookies but have avoided them due to health concerns. They remain a temptation though.

    However, I did want to comment about your Christmas train scene at the bottom of your page. If you go to my website which is linked on my blog, you can find an illustration of something very similar. Ironically, my drawing was done back in the early 90's. Funny how some ideas occur to different artists at different times.

  3. kdpierre
    went and found it .... very cool:) and what a coincidence!!

  4. Yes you're spoiled and I'm very happy for you! The cherry bread sounds fantastic. Do you share recipes?

  5. Never had cherry bread. This weekend I'm hoping to make some small Christmas puddings and some mince pies.


  6. Hi Morningstar,

    Wow, this looks so yummy, and how wonderful of Sir Steve to help and clean up. I haven't tried cherry bread. It looks good!


  7. Anonymous8:34 am

    Thanks, m!


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