Friday, December 18, 2020

Down to the Wire.......


 I've been busy this morning making party sandwiches - you know the ones I mean - well you do if you're close to my age!!  My mom used to make them all the time for parties when I was small........... 

OMG my absolute favourite - cherry cream cheese pinwheels!!
I'm making other food too - sausage rolls and cranberry meatballs... and anything else that comes to mind.......... 

Why am I making these party foods?? especially during  the pandemic?? 


Tomorrow night is our virtual Christmas with the family!!!  Traditionally this feast was on the 24th at my youngest daughter's and we always had finger foods on paper plates saving the good dishes for the 25th....... Last year we decided we wanted to make special memories at home... complete with the "Twas the night before Christmas" and waking up in the morning and climbing into bed with 'mom and dad' to open stockings. So we had the family celebration the weekend before Christmas.  At least that's a tradition we can continue this year - the year of the pandemic Christmas.

Life is good when you can pull yourself out of a slump and limp forward.......


  1. I hope that you all enjoy the event.


  2. Oh yum,looks delicious, and sounds wonderful. Have a wonderful family time:)


  3. I remember those cherry pinwheels well. My mother had to order the bread specially, sliced lengthwise instead of the usual slices.


  4. Hermione - LOL I had to do the same - special order the bread.. just like my mom!!! Nice memories


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