Friday, December 04, 2020

Favourite Fridays


I am designating Friday as "Favourite Things" day ... the day I will share a few of my favourite seasonal things.

This Friday - my favourite Christmas flower.

Believe it or not - I have never been fond of poinsettias....... 

Though I do remember a Christmas - the year my father died - an aunt sent me a HUGE - absolutely HUGE - poinsettia plant.... there were two big red poinsettia - a medium white one AND a small evergreen tree. I did treasure that one.  

Since that year I have bought the occasional poinsettia plant - but not that often.  I have bought Christmas cactus plants and amaryllis plants.  BUT I have never fallen in love with any Christmas plants.

Until last year........ 

Last year when I was in a local grocers - at the check out - I spotted a wee tiny white poinsettia.  It was sooooooo cute!!  I couldn't resist and brought it home. It slid into place like it belonged.... it was a good fit with our minimalist home.  

Unfortunately - despite my pampering it - it died during the summer.  I honestly didn't think I would find another mini poinsettia.  I started about two weeks ago bugging that grocer about mini poinsettias.  They kept promising they had them on order and were waiting for them to come in.

This week I called .......... AND ........ they had them in!!  

I now have the sweet  mini white poinsettia snuggled in with my mini gnome and mini white birch log ............ 




  1. The reason I never gave you any ( and trust me as you well know I could have ) poinsettias are VERY dangerous to animals and your cats would have gotten into them I am sure...

    In the summer you must take your " dead " plant and place it in a dark room like in a basement closet...

    Hope this one you got lasts for years ( which they can do )...

    Have a Merry ( if anyone can ) Christmas..

    " Grinch Sir "

  2. It looks just beautiful there! My MIL has a beautiful Christmas cactus and I've taken cutting but it just won't grow for me. I can grow Jade plants - that's all.
    So nice to see your Sir here.

  3. OHHHHHHHHHHH PK - that is not Sir Steve - god nooooooooo

    that is a Dominant from my past... who really shouldn't sign his name "Sir" here.. it can be confusing....

  4. Hi Morningstar, I love your Friday idea! I have had poinsettias the last few Christmases. Unfortunately I keep killing them, except for the last one, last year's plant is still going strong, though no red leaves at the moment. Do you have any idea if they come back?



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