Monday, December 28, 2020

Post Holiday



Well the holidays are virtually over -- well the busy part of the holidays. New Year's week tends to be much much quieter ...... just Sir Steve and I.... with Netflix and decorations and trees that need to come down and be stored away.


we had a wonderful Christmas with eldest daughter and SIL .... they arrived on Christmas Eve and left Boxing Day.  We had lots of laughter.. lots of food (as usual I had way too much food!! and we'll be eating left overs for a few more days) I think everyone was spoiled by Santa...... and we even managed to have a rousing game of HedBanz on the 25th.   It was a tradition when my girls were small - Santa always brought a new board game and on the 26th we would spend the day playing games and eating leftovers! 

Even the dog got a present from Santa - it's a burrow (in our case it's a tree stump) with small animals that squeak inside.  The object is for the dog to find the squeaky toys and get them out.  


Now we settle down for another big lockdown for a month....... and my mind is already making lists for camping season -- yeah camping season!!  I just can't help myself .... grinning.

Life is good when you survive the holidays and have more lists to make......... 



  1. Hi Morningstar,this made me smile :) I'm so glad you had such a lovely Christmas, including the dog lol, love the burrow, what a great idea! I love your boardgame tradition too.


  2. I glad you had a great Christmas. I love the holidays, love seeing the kids, I love the presents and the food too. But just as much I love the coming back to normal. My quiet house, my time to write and just be myself again.

  3. Yeah I know. In the last month I think that I have read a review of every campsite in the Rhine Gorge. I can't wait to be free again. It's nice to see that you enjoyed Christmas, despite the restrictions.



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