Tuesday, December 29, 2020

News Headlines.......


 The one thing I really miss over the holidays is my morning news show.  Oh it's still on - but the regular anchors aren't there... BUT this morning the anchors were back on and I had my ass planted in front of the TV at 6 am........ ready to watch MY news.

The first news item..... covid? No.  Bomb in Nashville? No.  Politics? No.

The lead story was a video of a group of people bashing a 2020 pinata!! ?? And the anchor announcing today is "Good riddance day" ?!! 

Apparently today is the day we make a list of all the crap the past year has brought to our lives and then get rid of it - symbolically.... in this case by smacking the crap out of some cardboard sign.  Interesting concept........ I'd never heard of this "Good Riddance Day" - have you??? and I think quite honestly I could have lived the rest of my life without knowing .... shrug....... but that's what News shows are for right?? keeping us informed......... even if the information is useless. 

Life is good even with useless information...........


  1. I feel like you do, wanting MY new in the morning. My anchors aren't back yet. I hate what Covid is doing to the people of this planet - but for me, just me, this past year hasn't been devastating. Being home has been rather peaceful. I just want everyone well.

  2. I still can't do the news, too much bad news. However, your post just made me laugh and want to do that! Never heard of it before.

    Thanks for the laugh (again),

  3. Yup, I'd say that useless news is just useless. Hope you have a great day regardless!

  4. No I have never heard of this but it actually sounds like a good idea this year. Closest I have knowledge of is in Latvia, when on the 21st of December some people drag a log on a rope around all day, to represent their woes for the year and then burn the log in the evening to say goodbye to their woes and start afresh.


  5. It amazes me what constitutes news nowdays. I hadn't heard of this either, but a particularly good way to end this year! I thought new years eve was good riddance day lol


  6. I very much dislike when Rachel Maddow does not host her own show. That is a night time show though as I am not a morning person. I often like to end my night out in the living room tuning in to hear Brian Williams, or as Storm call him, "Your boyfriend is coming on in 5 minutes." LOL He's NOT my boyfriend. Storm knows good and well that HE is my only boyfriend. Every year at Chritmas, I label one of his presents "To my boyfriend, From your girlfriend," just to prove it. hahaha Hugs, Windy


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