Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Fantasy and the Reality



This week - the week between Christmas and New Year's - is our week.  On December 18th when Sir Steve started his 2 week holiday - I could SEE our 2 weeks together.  

Week one was family responsibility - the lil one was home with us ... eldest daughter and SIL were coming down for Christmas...... 

BUT - week two - no lil one (she's with her mother) - just us........ (singing) "just the two of us"..................... 

The Fantasy:

sleeping in late - having early morning sex - then breakfast in bed - croissants and hot coffee ... and absolutely NO crumbs!
binge watching movies ... meals magically appearing - amazing meals!  gourmet meals!
spankings - whips and chains and floggers OH MY! all the time!!
Late nights - sleeping all night snuggled together.

The Reality:

my internal alarm clock is still going off at 5:00 am -- no breakfast in bed cause I've had my breakfast and coffee before Sir Steve even gets up
Laundry to do - loads of laundry - all the bed linens and towels and clothes and table cloths ........... piles and piles of laundry
Dirty house - dog hair everywhere - bits of wrapping paper everywhere - dust bunnies
Decorations that for some reason look tired - so add to the mess/dirt  all the Christmas storage boxes - and ornaments and santas and sleighs lined up ready to be packed away.........
no gourmet meals - instead leftovers - and more leftovers - till I am tired of food.
BUT we have binge watched movies - and gone to bed late - AND I still wake up frequently... and am wide awake at 5 ......... so colour me exhausted before I even start my day........
OH and so far no sex - no whips and chains and floggers OH MY! cause we're talking reality here not fantasy..........

Life is good when you still believe in the Fantasy.......


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  1. Hi Morningstar, some fantasies are better left as fantasy, but others 'should' be reality. Sigh.

    I have been staying up late and sleeping in late. Now I'm thinking I should be getting up and doing things. Sigh



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