Wednesday, December 02, 2020




Back in October I was browsing Christmas websites - looking for recipes and ideas and came across a Santa site.  It was offering customizable videos for your lil one.  I thought about it and last week bit the bullet - paid the $5.00 - and made our first video.  (I think you get 4 customized videos with different themes)

The very best part - our lil one now has her own email address (one of the few perks of home schooling) so I was able to send the video directly to her - from Santa.

Side Bar - we've been having problems with the lil one and school.  Her teacher called me a couple of weeks ago to ask what was going on....... turns out the lil one was refusing - straight out refusing! - to do math work........ rolling her eyes at her teacher ....... AND turning her camera off !!!!  Her father and I were furious.... serious consequences were put into place......... Christmas activities were in jeopardy!  (her mother on the other hand had no reaction - sighhhhhhhh) 

 When I was making the video there was a selection 'naughty or nice OR undecided' list.  I loved it!!  She shouldn't be on the nice list ya know? but I don't think she deserved to be on the naughty list either........ so I picked 'undecided'.

Last night I made some lame excuse to check her email (she has her own laptop)....... we opened it up - and because she's not used to email had no idea what to look for.... there was the email from Santa ...... so I said 'hey what's that??!!  does it say 'from Santa' (sounding all shocked and surprised)  She said 'yeahhhhh I think so' I had to tell her to click on it .. (it was her first ever email!!)  She started reading and Daddy playing along came in to the bedroom saying ' what's up?'  She whispered " Santa sent ME an email!"

She clicked on the video link and sat for 5 minutes barely breathing listening to Santa talk to HER ........ when it came time for the 'naughty or nice' list ... she whispered 'nice list'............ except... except... the wheel turned from nice to naughty to nice again.. and then settled down on her name - no nice - no naughty ....... and Santa said 'seems like you haven't made it the nice list yet ..... better keeping working on it!'



She watched the video twice - and asked how Santa had found a picture of her (easy to explain as that picture had been on Facebook) and said how she knew - KNEW - Santa was watching !!!  

Believe me - watching her face light up as she watched the video... brought home how magical Christmas is when you just believe...................... 


  1. That's all so cool. It's been so long since we've had a 'child' around for Christmas. Sounds like you handled that just about perfectly.

  2. Aww, that is so awesome. I miss the magic of Christmas from childhood.


  3. Oh that's so lovely. We took our Granddaughter back home to parents last night and they had put the tree up, her face was a picture.



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